Kind Words


I have the honor of serving clients that inspire me. Their success and happiness is fueling my journey as a coach.  I work with people in a variety of ways, from private coaching, workshops and as an invited speaker for events. 

Private Coaching Testimonials

“I reached out to Jenny for support as I grappled with a big career change and some major decisions around that move. I’m amazed at my transformation as we’ve worked together over the past year — from feeling fear, overwhelm and doubt to now feeling excitement, courage and faith. Jenny helps me hear my own wisdom and see new perspectives, which gives me the clarity I need to move forward towards the future I envision for myself. I can’t wait to see what the next year holds as we continue to work together.        – Allison, employee/entrepreneur and mother of two

Through coaching, I have become more in tune with myself. I listen to my gut more and feel more confident about making decisions on my own. I am better at creating boundaries. Coaching with Jenny has allowed me to make decisions for my business that have improved the quality of service that I can provide, as well as the quality of life of my family.”      – Sheila, small business owner and mother of two

“I have found over these past 2 years that touching base with you really helps to center me and keep me on my path. I appreciate how present you are in our meetings, and how you help me to notice little (and big) milestones, growth and accomplishments that I sometimes breeze past without taking a moment to acknowledge. You help me reflect on how far I have come, and help me focus on what I am going after in all areas of my life. I feel very lucky to have found such a great life coach. Thank you for your open heart, flexibility, your positive attitude and your great book/homework suggestions.”      – Carrie, realtor and mother of two

“With all of life’s stresses these days it is easy to put yourself on the back burner. However, in doing that you are actually adding to that stress. There is nothing more important than your self-balance because with that balance you are able to more easily tackle the stresses that life may throw at you. This balance often doesn’t “just happen”. Effort, time, energy and resources must be put towards it. I would absolutely refer Jenny to my friends and family to be the coach that provides the guidance for reaching that self balance.”       – Susan, chiropractor and mother of two

“I was employed by the same health care institution for more than twenty years, and had never truly negotiated any particulars regarding my employment nor compensation. When I considered a job change, Jenny helped me recognize my strengths and qualities and, most importantly, articulate them to my prospective employer in a succinct and professional manner. With her guidance and support, I was able to negotiate a 26% increase in my base salary, a healthy signing bonus and a better relocation package. Now, my family and I have a whole new life and are living much more comfortably.”        – Holly, pediatric nurse practitioner and mother of four

“Before I began working with Jenny, I was experiencing a lot of self-doubt, as I started a new career as a yoga teacher and contemplated my next big opportunity.  Through the coaching, I came to realize that I have everything I need to succeed in my new career, that I am the person I want to be, and that I just need to make up my mind to allow success in. Everyone should be so lucky to have the kind support and keen insight that Jenny brings to her coaching. It’s like talking to a great listener, who also happens to be very insightful.”       – Nancy, yoga teacher, entrepreneur and mother of three

“Jenny will give you the tools and questions to help propel yourself forward. She gives you room for self-discovery without judgment but always with focus on your goals every step of the way. She keeps the little ones and big ones in perspective to keep you on track.”        – Beverly, portrait/wedding photographer and mother of two

“Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jenny on numerous occasions and have trusted her input on topics both personal and professional in nature. Jenny has a knack for helping individuals explore all aspects of a particular problem or challenge.  Her unique coaching style provokes thoughtful reflection and naturally develops clarity and focus. Jenny is a trusted colleague and friend and I highly recommend her services to anyone looking to straighten their path or to forge a new one.”       – John, technology and sales director and father of one

“Jenny, you are so awesome! Your upbeat style of coaching is profoundly appreciated. You have helped me bring greater awareness to my thoughts and helped me gain focus and clarity in defining my value and contribution to new opportunities. Your executive leadership and experience working with major brands allows you to coach any individual looking for change or guidance in the marketplace today.”       – Amie, marketing director and mother of two

“When an opportunity to interview for a new job presented itself I really did not know where to begin. After all, I had not interviewed in nearly 20 years. In sitting down with Jenny I immediately felt at ease. Jenny’s enthusiasm for what she does is very apparent! She comes well prepared and Jenny takes the time to personally know you and who you are as a person.  As you progress in your development to that interview date, she walks with you on that journey in support all the way. Jenny is extremely insightful and is a superb listener all while paying attention to the smallest details. A strength of Jenny’s is she is able to recognize and make you aware of mannerisms and speech patterns that could be potentially destructive in an interview. She gave me thoughtful and constructive criticism to help me achieve my goals.  Jenny will help define your goals and strengths while providing you with a solid framework along with a game plan to take into the interview. With Jenny’s experience she will equip you with the tools to succeed in an interview and life in general. I felt my confidence rise exponentially throughout each session. Jenny is a wonderful person and truly great at what she does. I trust you will find the same to be true.”       – Jeff, pilot and father of one

Workshop Testimonials

“Thank you again for holding the workshop. I absolutely loved it!!!  You have such a gift for helping people. It was wonderful to see you ‘in action’ in front of this group of women who trust you and look up to you as a coach. It was a meaningful experience and I loved ‘getting in touch’ with my creative side! There was also value in coming home and showing my vision board to my husband and explaining it all to him, putting into words what the pictures meant to me. He enjoyed hearing about it and I think it helped him understand me better.”       – Caroline

This was such a joy! I would not have devoted the time to do this for myself and I am so happy with what I’ve created.”       – Amy

 “I really enjoyed the workshop. You are amazing – I loved the way you carefully and artfully led the group through what to think about with vision boarding.”        – Heather

Speaker Testimonials

“Working with Jenny was a delight!  Jenny is well organized, thoughtful, and deliberate in both her planning and implementation for her work. Jenny takes time to know what you are wanting, and respond with ideas and options that support your goals for the event. Jenny’s workshop was informative and interactional.  She presented her material well, with great personal illustrations, and then invited reflection and participation. Jenny is so personable and engaging that participants were easily drawn into her story and invited to know their own. I would highly recommend Jenny as a guest speaker.”       – Sheri, pastor

“Jenny spoke at our Ladies Brunch with more than 80 women in attendance. She was very cooperative, took care of business, was timely and well prepared. She was always upbeat and had a wonderful smile for us all. I found her a delight to work with and felt she covered her topic well and that her topic was a good fit for our event and our audience. She gave everyone at the brunch a free hour of Life Coaching. It was great! I would definitely recommend her as a speaker for any event that involved-wellness, mental health, women’s issues, family life and any number of other similar topics. I know Jenny will do a great job for you!”      – Cindy, keynote organizer