Coaching Testimonials

This is just what I needed. I’ve been stuck but I now see there are so many possibilities. Thank you.
- Tracy

I feel like I'm unlocking something deep inside me.

– Ana

This coaching session was just what I needed. Thank you, Jenny, for being a part of the universe.

– Jen

With Jenny’s coaching, I’ve escaped the comparison trap and learned how to trust my feelings instead of dismissing them. She’s given me easy techniques and alternate ways of looking at situations that I’ve been able to use on my own in many other areas of my life.
- Jenni

Jenny has helped me become more aware of the critic's voice and the judgment. I'm learning to self-coach. I now realize we have control of our thoughts. We have to train ourselves and not indulge the critic. It is not the truth.

– Jen

I’ve been through two Grace & Space circles and I am proud of myself for the changes I’ve made. To have been able to navigate how to care best for myself in this safe place during one of the most difficult times in my life, was so helpful. Thank you for guiding me through the experience.

– Amanda

My work with Jenny gave me freedom to think bigger, respond instead of react, and calmly navigate a lot of professional change. Having a framework to navigate change has had an impact on so many aspects of my life.
- Anne

The past three years coaching with Jenny has really helped to center me and keep me on my path.

– Carrie

Jenny has helped me to discover and learn how to appreciate qualities about myself so I can become a better version of myself. I feel stronger and more empowered about my approach to work and life situations.
- Mariana

Thanks for helping set the tone at the beginning of my soul/career search. I am LOVING my new job.

– Jordan

The biggest shift for me in Grace & Space was to recognize in the moment when I'm really struggling and to have more self-compassion.

– Amanda

Working with Jenny is a truly empowering experience. Through her mindful listening and her keen sense of intuition, she is able to help me translate that into actionable steps that really feel authentic. She gives me the courage and strength to let my light shine.
- Hilary

Jenny has taught me how important it is to check in with myself, thoughts, feelings, dreams, gratitude, and most importantly, to remember the “whole me.” Thank you for bringing me back to myself especially during this chapter of my life. I feel renewed with a new passion.

– Michelle

This is the one space where I can completely let down my guard and tune into myself.

– Sally

I’m amazed at my transformation as we’ve worked together over these four years — from feeling fear, overwhelm and doubt to now feeling excitement, courage and faith.
- Allison

Jenny, you are raising my standards.

– Ana

I didn't know what I was looking for, but I knew Jenny could help me to find it. It turns out I was looking for me. Jenny let me acknowledge my insecurities, held space for my feelings, and guided me down the path of discovery. She has incredible insight to the next steps that will help me achieve the next point in my journey. So, the lesson is that it's ok to lean in and trust. I'm so glad I did.

– Michele

My work with Jenny is great! In addition to our private coaching work, I partnered with Jenny to lead group coaching sessions for my team. We are setting bigger goals and we’ve come to realize that if we envision what we want, and write down our goals, we can accomplish so much more.
- Jenn G

The biggest shift for me in Grace & Space was to recognize in the moment when I'm really struggling and to have more self-compassion.

– Mary Ellen

Jenny is my spirit animal.

– Tracy

I now feel clear on my goals and the small steps I need to take to achieve them.
- Robyn

Jenny has been instrumental in helping me analyze and tackle immediate challenges in my work life as well as looking at the long game and the big dreams. I always have important moments of clarity during our sessions.

– Jenn L

I knew I’d be working with an expert, but Jenny’s coaching exceeded my expectations. Jenny gave me a whole new way of thinking. I’m now approaching opportunities with a different mindset.
- Laura

Jenny helps me reflect on how far I have come, and help me focus on what I am going after in all areas of my life.

– Carrie

The support I received in Grace & Space helped me reconnect with self-care practices that have helped move me forward.

– Mary Ellen

Jenny has helped me gain focus and clarity in defining my value and contribution to new opportunities.
- Amie

Jenny, you helped me so much... Truly—this is your calling.

– Pascha

Coaching with Jenny has allowed me to make decisions for my business that have improved the quality of service that I can provide, as well as the quality of life of my family.
- Sheila

It has been such a pleasure working with Jenny! She has helped me IMMENSELY!

– Jennifer C

I felt my confidence rise exponentially throughout each session.

– Jeff

Getting back into the career hunt after nine years of working for myself was a little daunting, to say the least. Jenny helped me in countless ways! Most of all, she gave me the strength to believe in myself.
- Tony

Grace & Space has helped me to be more intentional.

– Heather

I appreciate how present Jenny is in our coaching, and how she helps me to notice little (and big) milestones, growth and accomplishments that I sometimes breeze past without taking a moment to acknowledge.

– Carrie

Jenny gives you room for self-discovery without judgment but always with focus on your goals every step of the way.
- Beverly

Through coaching with Jenny, I came to realize that I have everything I need to succeed in my new career, that I am the person I want to be, and that I just need to make up my mind to allow success in.

– Nancy

Jenny has helped me bring greater awareness to my thoughts and helped me gain focus and clarity in defining my value and contribution to new opportunities.

– Amie

Thank you Jenny for your open heart, flexibility, your positive attitude and your great book/homework suggestions.

– Carrie

Jenny is so awesome. Her upbeat style of coaching is profoundly appreciated.

– Amie

I would absolutely refer Jenny to my friends and family to be the coach that provides the guidance for reaching self balance.

– Susan

Everyone should be so lucky to have the kind support and keen insight that Jenny brings to her coaching.

– Nancy

Jenny helps me hear my own wisdom and see new perspectives, which gives me the clarity I need to move forward toward the future I envision for myself.

– Allison

Jenny really helped me crystallize my thinking.

– Angela

Jenny helped me figure out a direction, launch some new ideas and, more than anything, reframe my thinking to use my strengths. She does this all in a positive, encouraging, skillful way. Jenny makes it look easy: there is a lot of skill in her coaching, in knowing how to help you be the best version of yourself.

- Jacquelyn

Jenny is a trusted colleague and friend and I highly recommend her services to anyone looking to straighten their path or to forge a new one.

– John

Jenny will give you the tools and questions to help propel yourself forward.

– Beverly

When I considered a job change, Jenny helped me recognize my strengths and qualities and, most importantly, articulate them to my prospective employer in a succinct and professional manner. With her guidance and support, I was able to negotiate a 26% increase in my base salary, a healthy signing bonus and a better relocation package. Now, my family and I have a whole new life and we are living much more comfortably.

– Holly

Jenny is extremely insightful and is a superb listener, all while paying attention to the smallest details.

– Jeff

Jenny has a knack for helping individuals explore all aspects of a particular problem or challenge. Her unique coaching style provokes thoughtful reflection and naturally develops clarity and focus.

– John

Workshop Testimonials

I look at my Vision Board every day. It inspires me so much.


Before working with Jenny, I didn’t have a plan or goals for what my business would look like in five years. I now have a vision!
- Jenn G

My Vision Board has been the catalyst for all this change.

– Amy

This was such a joy! I would not have devoted the time to do this for myself and I am so happy with what I’ve created.

– Catherine

It all started with my Vision Board.

– Amy

I hope you know how much the Vision Board workshop really stuck with me. Looking at my board feels good, no matter what is going on in my life.
- Angelica

This was such a magical experience to tune into my vision within a
group and under your guidance. I LOVE it. Thank you, Jenny.

– Janice

I showed my vision board to my husband, explaining it all to him and putting into words what the pictures meant to me. I think it helped him understand me better.

– Caroline

Jenny is amazing—I loved the way she carefully and artfully led the group through what to think about with vision boarding.
- Heather

The workshop was a meaningful experience and I loved ‘getting in touch’ with my creative side! THANK YOU.

– Caroline

Speaker Testimonials

Jenny’s retreat planning was spot on, very strategically thought out, and she also has the ability to pivot at any point when it was necessary. She has a unique ability to professionally and gracefully lead a group, keeping the energy and momentum.
- Cierra

You are masterful at leading a group. Once I saw you in action I said “YES!” we found our leader. I felt so confident that you could make my event amazing.

– Bea

Jenny has the magical gift to subtly lead groups to become communities. When she is working with people, she immediately is able to create trust – trust in her, trust in the group, and ultimately trust in oneself. And, I believe she is able to gain this trust because she has the unique combination of warmth and empathy on the one side but being also a clear thinker. As a compassionate listener, she is able to hear your inner voice and can guide you until you hear it very clearly yourself.
- Christiane

Working with Jenny was a delight! She is well organized, thoughtful, and deliberate in both her planning and implementation. Jenny takes time to understand your needs, and respond with ideas and options that support the goals for your event. I would highly recommend her as a guest speaker.

– Sheri

Jenny was an incredible asset for our retreat program. Her patience, thoughtfulness and insight perfectly complimented her ability to meld with our planning team to provide the best possible guest experience. I would absolutely work with Jenny in the future. I respect and admire her professionalism and training as a coach. I'm trilled to have connected with her both professionally and personally and highly recommend her to help others on their journey.

– Natalie

I found Jenny a joy to work with. She covered her topic well and it was a great fit for our event and our audience.

– Cindy

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