Rediscovering Me 6-Month Program

Want a structured coaching experience to help you to come back home to yourself and embrace your inner knowing?

One that gently takes you by the hand
so you can know where you are headed
as you feel your transformation every step of the way?

In the Rediscovering Me Coaching Program

we work through a curriculum thoughtfully designed
to inspire you to live your best life
– both personally and professionally.

This is for you if you love
one-on-one support and guidance
with life’s demands and your heart’s desires….
delivered in a structured way.


I’ll lead the way – and let you in on the big picture
– so you can celebrate your progress, step by step.

The program covers:

Session 1:

We’ll settle into the coaching with a self-compassion-infused exploration of where you are and where you want to be.

Sessions 2 – 3:
Holistic Self-care

We’ll embrace new ideas (and perhaps rekindle old ones) about what it means to care for your sweet self now.

Sessions 4 – 5:
Knowing (and Claiming!)
Your Core Values

We’ll shine a light on what matters most to you and will help you feel more aligned with your authentic self.

Sessions 6 – 7:
Finding Your Strengths

We’ll stand tall in the language of your strengths and learn to look at your world through the lens of your gifts.

Sessions 8 – 9:
Quieting Your
Inner Critic

We’ll gently explore self-doubt and you’ll discover new ways to hold yourself with grace.

Sessions 10 – 11:
Discovering to Your
Inner Mentor

We’ll befriend a powerful source of wisdom deep inside you.

Session 12:

We’ll reflect on the journey we’ve taken and celebrate how far you’ve come.

So that you can...

Develop new
healthy ways
to care for your
tender spirit.

your needs and
the parts of
you’ve lost
Cultivate more love,
presence and compassion
for your people
– and yourself!
Shift out
of burnout
Feel more
Move through
the day
with confidence
and clarity.
ready to
“play bigger”
in your life.
Get excited
who you
are now.

The program includes:

2 x 55-minute private virtual coaching sessions per month (12 sessions total).

Unlimited email support between sessions

Resources to prepare for and follow up from each session. We cover on one topic at a time to enhance your experience and accelerate your growth.

The program investment


$1950 pay in full or 6 monthly payments of $350

Does Rediscovering Me sound like a fit for you?

Jenny has helped me to discover and learn how to appreciate qualities about myself so I can become a better version of myself. I feel stronger and more empowered about my approach to work and life situations.

- Mariana

Jenny has helped me bring greater awareness to my thoughts and helped me gain focus and clarity in defining my value and contribution to new opportunities.

- Amie

Jenny gives you room for self-discovery without judgment but always with focus on your goals every step of the way.
- Beverly

Ready to trust your compass?