Private Coaching

I’m here to help you find more joy as you live
and BE exactly who you are, where you are.

What is it like to coach with me?

Coaching with me is a like having a safe, cozy space to put your hardest, toughest gunk on the table while feeling secure and supported.

I’ll guide you in getting an outside look at the bigger picture of the patterns of your life, so you can shift your mindset in a powerful and profound way.

Together we’ll break down big overwhelming things into manageable chunks that feel do-able and productive.

What results can you expect from working with me?

You’ll be able to uplevel self-care and self-compassion and develop new healthy ways to care for your tender spirit – so you can be more loving, present and compassionate for all the amazing people in your life.

You’ll get clear on your life’s “big picture” so you can move through the day-to-day with confidence and clarity.

And you’ll be able to “play bigger” in your life and take on a big opportunity or challenge.

Private 6-Month Coaching Program

A completely customized and private 6-month journey to achieve your goals so you can be feel confident, centered and grounded again and again.

We’ll look at the profound pressure for the almighty “balance” and work together to develop your plan to feel more grace & space in every aspect of your life.

The program includes

1. 2 x 50-minute private coaching sessions per month with Jenny (12 sessions total)

  • My in-depth client intake process will jumpstart our coaching journey so you feel inspired and clear.
  • Coaching session(s) dedicated to understanding your Strengths.
  • Coaching session(s) dedicated to your Vision, goals, and focus.
  • A fully-customized coaching process based on who you are, how you prefer to work and where you want to go.
  • Regular reflections on where you are now and reassessments on your Vision, goals, and focus.

2. Unlimited email support between sessions.

3. Customized recommendations and resources throughout the program to further enhance your experience and accelerate your growth.

Some results you may experience as a result:

  • Showing up in your business and life with joy and ease (instead of “shoulding” all over yourself.)
  • Having an arsenal of pivotal (and repeatable) self-care practices that leave you nourished and recharged – so you can do what you’re here to do!
  • Gaining a clearer understanding of what it’s like to have a clear vision and values – so you can operate from that place.
  • Feeling empowered in your relationship with time – so that you can be productive and energized every day.
  • Knowing simple techniques to shift your energy to a positive mindset anytime, anywhere.
  • Flipping guilt on its head – so you can unapologetically do YOU.

The program investment

$1750 pay in full or 6 monthly payments of $325

Does Personal Coaching sound like a fit for you?

With Jenny’s coaching, I’ve escaped the comparison trap and learned how to trust my feelings instead of dismissing them. I’ve made so many discoveries during my time working with her, uncovering hidden potential, and her perspective adds in all these “a-ha” moments that I never would have had on my own!

- Jenni

Ready to trust your compass?