Private Coaching

My coaching is here to guide you back to your inner wisdom and to offer practices so that you can truly thrive.

Coaching with me is like...

having a safe, cozy space to put your hardest, toughest gunk on the table while feeling secure and supported.

getting an outside look at the bigger picture of the patterns of your life so you can shift your mindset in a powerful and profound way.

having the support and guidance to move forward in a way that feels do-able and productive.

Whether your most recent challenges are professional or personal
– or a combination of both –
I’m here to help you step into a better version of YOU.

Through our work together you can...

Develop new
healthy ways
to care for your
tender spirit

your needs
and boundaries

the parts
of yourself
you’ve lost

Cultivate more love,
presence and compassion
for your people
– and yourself!

Shift out
of burnout

Feel more

Move through
the day with
and clarity

Feel ready to
“play bigger”
in your

about who
you are now

Work with me privately in these ways:

1 50-minute coaching session

for those who have created a
Vision Board on their own.

This is for you if you want a
single (yet powerful) session
to confidently make
your Vision a reality. 

A structured 6-month program

to come back home and
embrace your inner knowing.

This is for you if you like the structure of a loving curriculum
to inspire and guide you
to living your best life.

A customized 6-month experience

to meet you exactly where
you are, every session.

This is for you if you want support with life’s demands and your heart’s desires as they
show up in your life.

With Jenny’s coaching, I’ve escaped the comparison trap and learned how to trust my feelings instead of dismissing them. I’ve made so many discoveries during my time working with her, uncovering hidden potential, and her perspective adds in all these “a-ha” moments that I never would have had on my own!

- Jenni

Jenny has a knack for helping individuals explore all aspects of a particular problem or challenge. Her unique coaching style provokes thoughtful reflection and naturally develops clarity and focus.

- John

Life is better with Jenny in it!

- Jacquelyn

Jenny helps me hear my own wisdom and see new perspectives, which gives me the clarity I need to move forward toward the future I envision for myself.
- Allison

My work with Jenny gave me freedom to think bigger, respond instead of react, and calmly navigate a lot of professional change. Having a framework to navigate change has had an impact on so many aspects of my life.
- Anne

The past three years coaching with Jenny has really helped to center me and keep me on my path.
- Carrie

Ready to trust your compass?