How To Give Yourself
a Mini-Retreat



8 ideas to help you relax and recover in as little as an hour.


Wouldn’t it be great to have a week-long solo vacation right now to destress?

One that’s free from ALL of your responsibilities?

You might say “YEEEEEESSSSS! But….I don’t have the time, money, energy, childcare, [insert adult responsibility here ].!”

I hear you.

You want to destress NOW and your resources are scarce.

(While you save up for that solo vacay.)

Because let’s face it: our lives are filled with stress..

I see this situation in many of my clients: a combination of stress with a deep state of exhaustion. They need a pause.

I’ll be honest: taking time for yourself isn’t always easy.
(If it were, you wouldn’t be reading this!)

But, with a little bit of planning, the right mindset, and some ingenuity, you CAN create a mini-retreat for yourself to help you relax and recover from burnout.

I’ll show you how.

Jenny will give you the tools and questions to help propel yourself forward.

- Beverly

What is it?

I’m here to give you my carefully curated framework to

center yourself…

tend to your body…

quiet your mind…

see your present circumstances with clarity…

open your heart.

A mini-retreat might be a peaceful respite from your daily routine.

Or, this might be a revolutionary experience to take a pause and do something just for you!

In this guided digital workbook, you’ll learn 3 steps
(and 8 tangible, do-able ideas!)
to help you create a mini-retreat that serves your heart, body, mind and soul.

What this workbook does so beautifully is give you a way to think through how you would spend your time.

What does this look like for me?
What might it look like on the half-hour timeframe?
What might it look like if I had a day?
And where would I go if I could go away overnight?

- Missy

Jenny is so awesome. Her upbeat style of coaching is profoundly appreciated.

- Amie

I was under immense stress balancing work and family. I needed to take a meaningful break to rejuvenate that I knew a typical vacation would not provide.

I walked through Jenny’s brief, simple workbook and defined what I wanted to gain out of my mini-retreat. I set my intentions and boundaries, practiced what I designed, and came back more focused and present with my family and work.

- Adam

Ready to create a rejuvenating mini-retreat, just for you?

Go through this process on your own time, anywhere!
I’ll guide you along in the workbook.


Jenny has taught me how important it is to check in with myself, thoughts, feelings, dreams, gratitude, and most importantly, to remember the ‘whole me.’

Thank you for bringing me back to myself especially during this chapter of my life. I feel renewed with a new passion.

- Michelle

Jenny is my spirit animal.

- Tracy

Ready to trust your compass?