Play To Your Strengths! Workshop

I love speaking to groups to empower teams, boost happiness, increase positivity and nurture inner strength.

Too often, we focus on what is going wrong or what could be better.

This StrengthsFinder workshop will empower each participant to deeply understand their own Strengths and learn how their unique combination of Strengths helps the entire team succeed.

Through a dynamic workshop process, each member of the team will gain clarity on each others’ Strengths and how to better work together.

Participants will explore which Strengths to lean on for different circumstances
and what can get in the way.

Most of all, participants will feel empowered and recognized
for their authentic Strengths.

Play To Your Strengths! Workshop

Goals:  self-awareness, teamwork, alignment, productivity, clarity, empowerment

Ideal size:  5-20 people

Length: 2 hours (5-12 people) 3 hours (13-20 people)

Preparation:  each participant will need to have completed the StrengthsFinder test before the workshop


Being clear on my Strengths has changed EVERYTHING. I now understand my tendencies better to perform at the top of my capabilities. And perhaps most profound, I feel that I’m a better leader because I’m able to translate my Strengths into my stewardship of my team.
- Jenn, Education Director

Jenny has the magical gift to subtly lead groups to become communities. When she is working with people, she immediately is able to create trust – trust in her, trust in the group, and ultimately trust in oneself. 
- Christiane, Speaker Coordinator, for Texas Women In Business

Add on: Strengths Integrative Coaching Session

Participants can maximize their workshop experience
with a one-on-one Strengths Integration coaching session with me.

Together we will further explore their personal Strengths and what gets in the way in a private and constructive way.  

Goals:  deeper self-awareness, productivity, clarity, empowerment, growth

Length:  50 minute, one-on-one coaching session (in-person or via Zoom)

Preparation:  each participant will need to have participated in the Play to your Strengths! Workshop in advance of the coaching session


I take great pride in customizing my workshops and presentations to suit the format, team and participants.

Let me know about your goals!

I’ll customize a workshop for your team based on your needs, location,
team size and your unique group.

Jenny has the unique ability to professionally and gracefully lead a group, keeping the energy and momentum.
- Cierra, Founder and Retreat Planner, Reset Retreats

Jenny is masterful at leading a group. Once I saw her in action I said “YES!” we found our leader. I felt so confident that Jenny could make my event amazing.  
- Bea, Keynote Organizer, Women’s Conference at Bethany Methodist Church

Jenny’s patience, thoughtfulness and insight perfectly complimented her ability to meld with our team to provide the best possible guest experience.
- Natalie, Founder, Reset Retreats

Learn more about bringing this workshop to your organization.

Learn more about bringing this workshop to your organization.