The Visioning Experience

Experience clarity with the inspiration of a Vision Board and the power of coaching.

A Vision Board is a personal and visual representation of what you want to create in your life or business. It’s an amazing tool to bring clarity to your desires.

And when you bring clarity to what you want, you can begin to align your life to fulfill that vision.

 Maybe you have done a Pinterest board—only it doesn’t feel authentically you and feels more like a “to BUY” list.

Maybe you have tried a cut-and-paste Vision Board—but all you were left with is a pile of magazine cutouts.

Maybe you have tried to create a Vision Board with your bestie—only to not remember (or maybe you never really knew!) what it means to you.

How fun would it be to create a Vision Board alongside a supportive group of amazing women?

Especially since social events have been so sporadic these past few years? 

How powerful would it be to have a Certified Coach lead you through the process?

How awesome would it feel to deepen your understanding of how to tap into your desires and align your actions?

Join me for the Visioning Experience!

I’m Jenny Remington, a Certified Life Coach, and it’s my mission to help you “trust your compass” as you discover WHO you are and WHERE you want to go.

I’m thrilled to bring back this in-person signature experience that includes 2 parts:

Part 1: Vision Board Workshop

(Group in-person experience in downtown Austin)

Join me and a fellow circle of women for a fun, friendly and guided 4-hour workshop
where you’ll experience my Visioning process in three steps:

Step 1:  Tapping into Your Vision

You’ll receive intuitive guidance on creating a Vision and how to use your
emotions and perceptions to tap into your Vision.

Step 2: Creating & Curating Your Vision

You’ll be supplied with everything you need to create your Vision Board alongside
other lovely ladies in a supportive environment.

Just think of: 

* opening up to your creative process

* listening to great playlist

*feeling inspired and joyful

* cutting and pasting with no distractions (no kids!)

* enjoying yummy & healthy snacks

* connecting and creating alongside other lovely ladies

* claiming 4 hours just for you to dream into what your REALLY want for 2023…and beyond! 

Oh – and the best part?
You don’t have to clean anything up afterwards! 

Step 3:  Guided Insights on Your Vision 

After our Vision Boards are created, I will guide the group
to share and reflect 
with each other about their Vision Board. 

This is your chance to claim your dreams in a fun way!

The group members may give input and reflections on other’s boards – something that can make this process even more meaningful to your Vision!

Part 2: Private Vision Integration Session

(1-on-1 virtual coaching session)

After you have created your Vision Board, you’re invited to a 1-on-1 coaching session
with me for you to understand your Vision Board in a deeper way.

(Psst:  Don’t worry!  You don’t need to show up with any deep insight
about your Vision Board. That’s what we’ll do together!)

This is an opportunity to share more about what your board means to you.
I will guide you to help you better connect the dots and to help you say,
“WOW! I never saw it that way but that makes so much sense!” 

This coaching session is like the “icing on the cake” to understand how you can make
your Vision Board work for you with a strong heart, clear mind and inspiring vision.

Connect with me to be on the waitlist for my next workshop:

Hear what Vision Board Grads had to say:

I’ve done a lot of Vision Boards in my life, but I’ve always created them alone. This was such a magical experience to tune into my vision within a group and under your guidance. I LOVE it. Thank you, Jenny.

- Dianne

I hope you know how much the Vision Board workshop really stuck with me. Looking at my board feels good, no matter what is going on in my life.

- Angelica

My Vision Board has been the catalyst for all this change.

- Amy

I look at my Vision Board every day. It inspires me so much.

- Elizabeth

I showed my vision board to my husband, explaining it all to him and putting into words what the pictures meant to me. I think it helped him understand me better.

- Caroline

This was such a joy! I would not have devoted the time to do this for myself and I am so happy with what I’ve created.

- Catherine

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the workshop?

The Vision Board Workshop will be in downtown Austin, Texas. The exact location will be shared when you book your ticket.

Do I need to bring anything?

Nope! That is the beauty of this workshop: Jenny will supply all the materials you will need and along with refreshments. And of course, if you have anything that would make you more comfortable or that you would like to use for your vision board, you are welcome to bring it!

What is your COVID policy?
Unfortunately, we are still in a pandemic. I will have masks on hand and ask that if you are feeling sick, please do not attend. If Austin gets to a high-level of Covid cases then I will ask participants to have a negative Covid test 24 hours before the workshop and to wear masks at the event.

I will communicate with all participants if this is the case 24 hours before the workshop.

Will there be any food or beverages at the workshop?

Yes! What is a gathering without some yummy food?

The workshop will include heavy snacks.

Dietary preferences can be accommodated.

What is the 1-on-1 session with Jenny?
The private Vision Integration session will be a private, virtual (Zoom) coaching session where we will dive into the meaning, feelings, intentions, symbols, etc. of your vision board. You will have a full hour to deeply consider, reflect on, and take a stand for your vision.

Past participants tell me this coaching session is the “icing on the cake” for their vision board experience! (And, it is my most favorite part!)

Can I attend just the workshop and not have the private session?
Unfortunately, no. I have found that the Vision Integration Coaching is a powerful tie between creating the vision board and having it help you define how to move forward, so they are offered together only.
What's your refund policy?

Due to the outlay of costs involved, I cannot offer a refund.

However, if you find that you cannot attend, you have options! You are welcome to transfer your ticket to another person or you can schedule a private coaching session with me. Email me and let me know.

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?
No! I’ll have a sign-in at the event for all registered participants.
Is my registration fee or ticket transferrable?

Yes. If you cannot attend and want to share your registration with a friend, please just email me to transfer your registration.

Can my child join the workshop?

Due to the nature of the workshop and coaching, all participants should be 13 and older.

Who can I contact to ask questions?

Email Jenny at

Learn more about this workshop.

Learn more about this workshop.