Mindfully Welcoming
The New Year



A 5-step guide to help you reflect and welcome all that is coming.


As the year ends and you look forward to the new year,
it’s important to make a little space…

To take some time to reflect so that you can walk into the new year feeling grounded, joyful and open.

This workbook will help you learn how.

I am so grateful for your questions…
These prompts were a small gift from the universe.


What is it?

In this guided digital workbook you’ll find 5 distinct parts, each with a short, simple and powerful topic to experiment with, and some juicy journal questions to consider and explore:

1. Reflecting on this Past Year
2. Distilling to What’s Important
3. Allowing Wonder
4. Celebrating & Preparing
5. Creating Your Word for New Year

This is my own personal ritual for the New Year.
This process helps me tune into my intuition and feel energized – and that’s my wish for you.

I really loved the end of year reflection. There was a lot to be grateful for last year and it was so helpful to be led through the process. 


Ready to explore?

Go through this process on your own time, anywhere!
I’ll guide you along in the workbook.


I love Mindfully Welcoming The New Year! I worked on the first one of these this morning during my journaling and [ got clear on ] my biggest lessons from this year.


Ready to trust your compass?