I have a variety of workshops to help you trust your compass, boost your happiness, increase your positivity, create a strong vision for your future, nurture your inner strength and to live more mindfully.


Take a look:


Permission to Pause

A NEW virtual self-care
discovery workshop.

Discover self-care
that can support you right now.


Visioning Experience

A powerful and hands’on workshop to create your Vision.

Inspiring you to dream big and create a life you love. 

Play To Your Strengths

Too often, we focus on what is going wrong or what could be better.

Learn your Strengths and understand how they can
help you succeed.

Jenny has helped me to discover and learn how to appreciate qualities about myself so I can become a better version of myself. I feel stronger and more empowered about my approach to work and life situations.
- Mariana

Learn how we can work together.

Learn how we can work together.