Retreats and Workshops

Retreats and workshops are nourishing and powerful getaways to help you reset, regroup and bring grace and space back into your life.

Getting away – even for a few hours – can be the fastest way to creating powerful mindset shifts and transformation.

I love speaking and leading groups to boost happiness, increase positivity, create a strong vision, nurture inner strength and live mindfully.

My favorite experiences to lead include:

Visioning Experience

A Vision Board workshop and coaching experience to bring clarity to each individual’s desires so they can align their life to fulfill that vision. I lead participants through a creative and intuitive process to help them tune into their feelings and vision.

Play To Your Strengths!

A Strengths Finder workshop to empower each participant to become clear on what strengths they naturally bring to the table and how they can move through their business leading with their most authentic self.

Essential Self-Care

In this collaborative workshop experience, we’ll help hardworking women get out of survival mode to bust the myths of guilt, worthiness and not enough time and empower each woman to show up as her best self at work and at home.

Jenny’s retreat planning was spot on, very strategically thought out, and she also has the ability to pivot at any point when it was necessary. She has a unique ability to professionally and gracefully lead a group, keeping the energy and momentum.
- Cierra

I’m pleased to have been a life coach at these retreats:

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