Grace & Space: A Self-Care Circle

Grace & Space:
A Self-Care Circle

I believe you have the power to do great things, but first it’s vital to take charge of your own life. 

That starts with self-care.

When self-care falls to the wayside, it can put you in a state of prolonged stress and overwhelm,
which impacts every part of your life. 

It can cause you to live life from a deficit
— of sleep, joy, health, love. 

The past year has upturned your life in so many ways.

What used to fill you up, doesn’t…

What used to recharge your batteries, is no longer an option…

What used to bring you joy, doesn’t have the same impact…

There is nothing wrong with you: your needs have shifted.

So, what do you do if what used to work doesn’t anymore?

Give yourself the space to find something that works for you NOW
so you can recharge your batteries and set yourself up for a better 2021.

Maybe you…

Have a FULL life — schedule, home, heart, to-do list
but you aren’t a priority on your own list.   

Feel like everyone else has it together — hello social media!
and you might be the only one who is struggling. 

You are grateful for your life — you love it!
but you feel like there is something missing:  the authentic you. 

Somehow along the way you lost touch with who you are and what you need. 

I get it.

I’m Jenny Remington.

Like you, I play many roles in my life. I’m a mother, partner, coach, mentor, friend, daughter, sister, aunt, mentor, short-order cook, yogi, organizer, navigator, teacher, student, nurturer, bridge-builder, volunteer, cheerleader … the list goes on and on.

I believe that living a full life requires us to take care of ourselves so we can be a loving, present, compassionate resource for all the amazing people, passions and projects in our lives.

I’m here to help you find more joy, connection and self-compassion in your life! 

 How would it feel to create some

grace for some more self-love
(so you can finally put yourself back on your list!),

some space to think
(so you can be more clear on who you are and what you want for your life),

and a place to do it in a nurturing environment
(in a confidential circle of kind, nurturing, supportive and amazing women)? 

I cannot recommend Grace & Space enough! Jenny is so amazing to work with! 

- Robyn

I’d love to introduce you to Grace & Space.

Grace & Space is a coach-led

Self-Care Circle to help you

Know yourself more fully in every moment
so you can understand exactly what you need (and be able to express it)
and can get that need met, guilt-free!  

Carve out new and more lasting ways to recharge and nourish yourself
(because self-care is so much more than just bubble baths and a glass of wine).

Reap the benefits of non-negotiable self-care
(shift from “I should be taking better care of myself” to “I do take care of myself!”)

Connect deeply with and be inspired by other women
(previous participants told me this was one of their favorite parts of the group! )

Feel more grateful and energized in every area of your FULL life
(ahhh – wouldn’t that feel amazing?).


Circles are currently in progress.
Connect with me to learn about upcoming circles.

Self-care is not selfish.

It’s a necessary component to living a full life.

Grace & Space is a coach-led self care circle to explore our overall well-being
in a nurturing and supportive way.

It’s the grace to return to self-love.

It’s a space to be without comparison or competition.

It’s a place to “be more” in every area of your life!

Every woman knows self-care is important. 
Grace & Space is designed to help you know what you need so you can practice self-care everyday.


I’ve been through two Grace & Space circles and I am proud of myself for the changes I’ve made. To have been able to navigate how to care best for myself in this safe place during one of the most difficult times in my life, was so helpful. Thank you for guiding me through the experience.

- Amanda

The support I received in Grace & Space helped me reconnect with self-care practices that have helped move me forward. 

- Mary Ellen

What’s included in Grace & Space?

  • 9 virtual coach-led Self-Care Circles from March – May, 2021.
  • In-call activities and compassionate intention exercises to deepen your understanding of each session’s topic.
  • Connection and nurturing with a carefully curated group of women (like you!).
  • Daily “Love Notes” from your coach to offer resources and compassionate support.
  • Daily connection through a group text to help you strengthen your connections to each other, provide additional accountability and deepen your experience.
  • One private coaching session with Jenny.
  • “Go Deep” resources to help you stay on your self-care path.
  • Secure group site 
  • Additional loving support from Jenny as needed.
  • A special and personal-to-you welcome gift!

Grace & Space has helped me to be more intentional. 

- Heather

What’s the agenda?

I’ve carefully curated important topics that I’ve used in my private coaching, previous groups and workshop experiences (so you get the best of the best!).

Each week will be a new module where we will have this format:

(1) Presence exercise

(2) Connect around seeds planted from the last session

(3) Introduce our new topic with an in-call exercise and coaching discussion 

(4) Set a compassionate intention for your self-care for the upcoming week

(5) Share a shift in perception from the session

Jenny has a unique ability to professionally and gracefully lead a group, keeping the energy and momentum.

- Cierra

The biggest shift for me in Grace & Space was to recognize in the moment when I’m really struggling and to have more self-compassion.

- Amanda

And here’s what we’ll cover: 

Month 1: Start where you are

Module 1: Creating our sacred space

Module 2: Get clear about the present

Module 3: From coping to thriving

Month 2: Look inward

Module 4: Life keeps happening

Module 5: Navigating change

Module 6: Whole-hearted living

Month 3: Empower YOU

Module 7: Holistic self-care

Module 8: What’s the Word?

Module 9: Celebrating miracles

I’m really grateful for this circle right now. This is an important part of my week and it is really helping to hold me together during this difficult time.

- Mary Ellen

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this an in-person circle?

No. We’ll meet virtually by Zoom, an easy-to-use video conferencing platform,
to allow you the ability to meet from anywhere.

When does the circle meet?

Grace & Space applicants will be given a few timeslots to choose from that works best for them. I will determine the meeting time based on participant feedback as the groups form. 

What is the investment?

The value of this self-care circle is more than $1450.

Your investment is 1 payment of $497 or 3 payments of $185.

Will there be homework?

Each participant will have the opportunity and support to “go deep” on each topic.
I may offer a compassionate suggestion to help you incorporate the topic into your daily life to create lasting changes in your well-being. 

This is a judgement-free zone:  you get to choose how to engage with the content. 
You will be empowered with resources, community and love. 

What if I will miss a session?

Due to the nature of this circle, we will hold our sessions LIVE, and will not be recording them.
I encourage you to hold this time sacred on your calendar and encourage you to be present for yourself and the others in our circle. In addition, the private Facebook group is a great place to continue the discussion and feel connected to the group between sessions. 

How big is the group?

My intention is for this circle is to be safe, nurturing and supportive;
therefore, our circle will be small and intimate with 3-4 women in every circle.


How do I know I will fit in with the group?

I believe this circle is a sacred space where group dynamics will play a big part in your experience.
I want each person to feel comfortable, supported and confident in her personal journey.
I want you to be surrounded by kind, open and encouraging women.
To carefully curate our circle,
I will meet with each potential participant to ensure the group is a good fit for her needs and preferences and that of our group. 

Is this a women’s only group?

While I do work with men and women, this group will be exclusively for women
to address their unique needs and specific discoveries regarding self-care.

It’s time for you to feel more
Grace & Space. 

Join me in this Self-Care Circle to feel more clear, confident,
content, hopeful and energized.


I have loved this journey with each of you. I have been able to practice more self-compassion and given myself more space to be kind.

- Robyn


I don’t believe in coincidences.

There’s a reason you are here.