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How many times have you said:

“Self-care sounds is one more thing I have to do…”


“I don’t even know where to begin with self-care.

I have lost touch with what I need…”


The invitation is here.

To stop spinning…
To make space for a change in your life…
To be intentional about recharging your batteries in a loving way.

When self-care falls to the wayside, it can put you in a state of prolonged stress and overwhelm
which impacts every part of your life.

It can cause you to live life from a deficit
– of sleep, joy, health, love.

Give yourself the space to find a self-care practice that works for you in your life – just as it is right now. 

Maybe you…

Have been so busy lovingly taking care of everyone else

— that you don’t have any energy left to take care of you.

Feel like everyone else has it together
— and you might be the only one who is struggling.

You are grateful for your life — you love it!
—but you feel like there is something missing:
the vibrant you that you used to know!

Somehow along the way you lost touch with who you are and what you need. 

Or maybe, you don’t even know what would help you feel good anymore

I get it.

I’m Jenny Remington.

Like you, I play many roles in my life. I’m a mother, partner, coach, mentor, friend, daughter, sister, aunt, mentor, short-order cook, yogi, organizer, navigator, teacher, student, nurturer, bridge-builder, volunteer, cheerleader … the list goes on and on.

I’m a work in progress – just like you. I’m not here to give you the answers. Instead, I’m here to help you trust your own internal compass.

I’m an ICF Certified Coach who has helped hundreds of women just like you find more joy, connection and self-compassion in your life through gentle coaching, tons of resources, a lot of loving support and a dose of cheerleading.

I believe that self-care is….


  • a “hands-on” discovery of checking in with ourselves
  • the best way to leave a quality legacy for the people we love
  • a shift from ME LAST to ME FIRST so that we can show up as our authentic selves
  • addressing the needs of our bodies, hearts, minds and spirits in order to be healthy and whole
  • healthcare that allows us to improve our lives, get out of overwhelm and live more fully

How would it feel to


create some grace to practice self-love,

have some space to be without comparison or competition

and have a place to be inspired to make real and lasting changes?


I’d love to introduce you to Grace & Space.

Grace & Space is a coach-led

Self-Care Circle to help you

Know yourself more fully in every moment
so you can understand exactly what you need (and be able to express it)
and can get that need met, guilt-free!  

Carve out new and more lasting ways to truly recharge and nourish yourself
(and psst! It doesn’t have to be time consuming!
Self-care is so much more than just bubble baths and a glass of wine).

Reap the benefits of non-negotiable self-care
(shift from “I should be taking better care of myself” to “I do take care of myself!”)

Connect deeply with and be inspired by other women
(previous participants told me that the connection with other women was one
of their favorite parts of the group!

Feel more grateful and energized in every area of your FULL life
(ahhh – wouldn’t that feel amazing?).

This is my 8th offering of this special Self-Care Circle.

With every experience, I am more inspired to share this work!
When women learn to prioritize themselves, their impact upon their world is astounding.

“I found myself again and discovered what I need to be living my best life every day.”

- Jenni

“I shifted from feeling like self-care was something I had to do and that I wasn’t doing it well, to really being able to see how much self-care I was doing and opening myself up to deeply integrating self-care into my life.”

- Allison

Ready to step into a new you?


Connect with me to get on the waiting list for future self-care offerings:

“I have been able to practice more self-compassion and given myself more space to be kind.”

- Robyn

“As someone who cares so much for others, it was life-changing to learn that self-care and self love are essential to loving my people the way I want to.”

- Michelle

Self-care is not selfish.

Taking care of yourself is essential to living a full life.

Every woman knows self-care is important.
Grace & Space is a 3-month journey designed to help you know what you need so you can practice self-care everyday.

“This experience has been a lifestyle change for me.”

- Mel

“Being in this circle feels like I’m being held – like there is enough space for me to BE and feel my feelings, something I haven’t done much of in the past few years.”

- Mary Ellen

What’s included in Grace & Space?

  • 9 weekly self-care circles over 11 weeks from late February – early May 2022.
  • In-call activities and compassionate intention exercises to help you to feel amazingly supported, held and connected – both to yourself and to the group.
  • Connection and nurturing with a carefully curated group of women (like you!).
  • 80 Daily “Love Notes” from your coach to offer resources and compassionate support. (Past participants tell me that this is a gold mine of content to revisit over and over again!).
  • Daily connection through a group text to have a safe and trusting space to share, explore and celebrate each other’s self-care journey – every day!
  • One private coaching session with Jenny to support you along your own self-care journey.
  • “Go Deep” resources to help you stay on your self-care path well beyond the circle.
  • Secure group site for all the resources and topics so you can have them at your fingertips!
  • A special and personal-to-you welcome gift!
  • A Reconnect session approximately seven weeks after the group wraps up to help you check in with your self-care practices, reflect on your journey and reconnect with the amazing women you met along the way.

What’s the experience like?

“The group was always a place I could “breathe” because I knew I didn’t have to be “on” for anyone, but just be there for myself.”
- Vanessa

“Jenny’s style of coaching helps members of the circle stop, and dig into their thoughts. We have a knowing that has grown silent. Jenny helps amplify this knowing!”
- Teresa

And here’s what we’ll cover: 

Part 1: Start where you are

Module 1: Creating our sacred space

Module 2: Get clear about the present

Module 3: From coping to thriving

Part 2: Look inward

Module 4: Life keeps happening

Module 5: Navigating change

Module 6: Whole-hearted living

Part 3: Empower YOU


Module 7: Holistic self-care

Module 8: Self-care as a legacy

Module 9: Celebrating miracles

NEW:  Reconnect Session


Approximately 7 weeks after the group wraps up we’ll meet virtually to help you check in with your self-care practices, reflect on your journey and reconnect with your circle.



* groups will meet on either Wednesdays or Thursdays. When you sign up, you’ll chose your preferred day of the week. See the FAQ below for more details.*

Mar 2 or 3

Mar 9 or 10

Mar 23 or 24

Mar 30 or 31

Apr 6 or 7

Apr 13 or 14

Apr 27 or 28

May 4 or 5

May 11 or 12

Reconnect Session – mid-summer

“Through this experience I’ve begun to look at the little joys of life and special moments in a new light and accept my whole self, and not be so hard on myself.”
- Michelle

“I was able to stop and be at peace, truly looking inwards. Knowing that I am important!”

- Jennifer

It’s time for you to feel more Grace & Space.

The value of this self-care circle is more than $1900.

Your investment:

1 payment of $847 or 3 payments of $307

Repeat Gracers can enjoy $100 off for an investment of $747 or 3 payments of $277.

Spring Circles are now closed.

Connect with me to get on the waiting list for Fall 2022 Circles:

“I feel like I’ve been recognizing and weaving the small moments of self-care into my life, that I had dismissed before. Self-care is now part of the fabric of my daily life.”

- Leisha

“This group looks like tapping into joy in everyday moments. It looks like nurturing ourselves in big & little ways so that we can give our needs and desires some attention – which can be sooooo hard for women!

And It DEFINITELY looks like being supported and inspired by each other as we each navigate our own self care journey.”

- Heather

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this an in-person circle?

No. We’ll meet virtually by Zoom to allow you the ability to meet from anywhere.

Isn't self-care a really personal topic? How can I do this work in a group setting?

I keep finding that people LOVE the connection and learning with other women for this very individualized, personal work. And in my 8+ years of coaching women on their self-care, I’ve found it to be incredibly effective to do self-care work in community!

Why is that? Because no matter the topic, someone is always in a different space than you are. We draw wisdom, inspiration, acknowledgement, ideas, compassion…. from each other. We gain valuable insights from each other.

And, this is why I carefully curate the group to do my best to ensure that you are paired with other supportive women. I want each person to feel comfortable, supported and confident in her personal journey.

When does the circle meet?

Grace & Space applicants will be given a few days and time slots to choose from that works best for them. I will determine the meeting time based on participant feedback as the groups form.


The options are:

Wednesdays at 12pm Central

Thursdays at 9am Central

Thursdays at 12pm Central

Will there be homework?

No, you are not assigned homework and any intention you set to practice self-care will be held with compassion. 

Each participant will have the opportunity and support to “go deep” on each topic. I may offer compassionate suggestions to help you incorporate the topic into your daily life to create lasting changes to your well-being.

This is a judgment-free zone: you get to choose how to engage with the content. You will be empowered with resources, community and love.

How big is the group?
This is not a group where you will be lost in the crowd.

My intention for this circle is to be safe, nurturing and supportive; therefore, our circle will be small and intimate with 3-4 women in every circle.

This program was designed for each person to have a lot of individual support from me and access to the other women on their own growth journey.

How do I know I will fit in with the group?

I believe this circle is a sacred space where group dynamics will play a big part in your experience.

I want each person to feel comfortable, supported and confident in her personal journey.

I want you to be surrounded by kind, open and encouraging women.

To carefully curate each circle, I will meet with each potential participant to ensure the group is a good fit for her needs and preferences and that of our group.

Is this a women's only group?

While I do work with men and women, this group is exclusively for persons who identify as women to address their unique needs and specific discoveries regarding self-care.

What if I feel uncertain about joining the text thread?

There is no requirement to participate in the text thread. It is there to support you if it fits into your process.

There is something special about our text connection that feels so different from a social media news feed. Here you are safe to share the real, be honest and authentic and to have space to experiment and grow.

And with every part of the program, you can choose what will serve you in your self-care discoveries.

I often say, “there is no wrong way to be a Gracer.” If you choose not to participate in the text connection for whatever reason, you will still have a rich, full experience.

I've been in Grace & Space before. Why should I join again?

I am extremely proud of the fact that the last 3 Grace & Space Circles have been 80% with repeat Gracers. Not only has the content deepened in every round, YOU have evolved and may more fully embrace your self-care practices in a new way.

Join a new circle (at a discounted rate) and see where it can take you.

And as a little extra love, based on feedback from previous Gracers, there is a NEW Early Bird Bonus and a NEW Reconnect session to help you check in with your self-care practices, reflect on your journey and reconnect with the amazing women you met along the way.

Join me in this Self-Care Circle to feel more clear, confident,
grounded, hopeful and energized.

Ready to trust your compass?