Hi There,

How are you doing, my friend? (Seriously, hit reply and let me know.) 

I’m hearing in my coaching (and on the socials… and from friends… and when I listen to myself…) that this time of year ALWAYS feels frantic, even as we try to be present and focus on what matters. 

And if you are a caregiver, parent, employee, leader, solo-prenuer [ insert your responsibilities here ]  it can feel overwhelming to keep on keeping on in the final stretch of the year.

I get it.

Why not do something nice for yourself and give yourself the gift of presence.  

What do I mean by that?  Plan a few moments of reflection with my new digital workbook Mindfully Welcoming the New Year. 

This workbook was created with love and with you in mind. It is an easy journaling practice that I’ve curated from my own ritual around the new year to reflect on 2022 and welcome all that is coming in 2023. 

While you may not have time to slow down in THIS moment, give your future self the gift of intention for that week between Christmas and New Years. What if you plan to be cozy at home, in your softest comfy clothes and slippers, wrapped up in a blanket? And maybe you cozy up on the couch with your pet and let your responsibilities for anyone else go out the window just for a moment so you can have some time to yourself to reflect? How might THAT feel? 

Sounds pretty good to me!

Grab your copy now and then make a plan to carve out an hour between December 26-31 to reflect. Click here for the Mindfully Welcoming the New Year workbook!

With love,


“The greatest gift you can give yourself is a little bit of your own attention.”

Anthony J. D’Angelo