Stress comes in all shapes and sizes and feelings. See if you see yourself in any of these statements…  

-️ You feel like you are walking on a tightrope. 

– You think, if one more thing goes wrong, I WILL LOSE IT.

– You might actually lose it in the most benign situations.

– You don’t feel like yourself. 

– ️But you do feel tired and fatigued and that feeling is pervasive, so resting doesn’t help you feel rested.

– ️ You don’t feel like dealing with people you normally enjoy being around.

– ️ But you do feel irritated. And sometimes, you feel irritated at how irritable you are.
– You find it hard to listen to or deal with other people.

– You find it easy to numb yourself and you might even be indulging in your vices more than usual.

If you see yourself in a few of these descriptions, then you know what it means to be operating at or above your capacity.

When we are operating at our capacity, what we crave is margin.

What do I mean by margin?

You could think of margin like some wiggle room. Or a cushion. Or white space. Or the extra.

Margin is the space between “I’ve got this!” and “This is too much!

Margin is the protective layer that keeps us from feeling overwhelmed.

Margin is the space between what we are carrying (our stress, responsibilities, LIFE in general) and our capacity (when we want to run away and never look back).

When people are living and working at their capacity, there isn’t room for play or rest or freedom or gratitude. It is nearly impossible to grow when we are stressed and overwhelmed. 

The first step to growing, therefore, is finding margin.

That is why I want to help as many people as I can find more margin in their lives.

And if you’d like support to build margin in your life, I can help you in a couple of ways:

   1.  If you like the idea of getting started on your own, I have a low-cost, guided workbook called The Gift Of Margin.

 2.  If you’d like more support and guidance, I’d love to invite you to a FREE discovery coaching session around what’s going on for you and learn how 1:1 coaching can support you.

If you are ready to create more margin in your life, I’d love to guide you through the process!

With love,


“Peace is always right here. We just have to create space for it.”

Carol Tuttle