I’ve recently gotten into the habit of putting my phone in “airplane mode” a few times throughout the day. 

While I wish I could report that this is giving me the feeling of traveling somewhere on vacation, alas, it is not. But it is helping me be more intentional. 

It is handy to not have the distractions of reminders and notifications of messages coming through. It is also reinforcing that I have decided to pause. If I happen to grab my phone, it is disconnected from the internet and I am now aware that my attention was wandering and I want to bring it back. (It is shocking how often this happens.)

“Oh yeah… back to the task at hand…”

Once I started using airplane mode, it has become easier to get certain things that are important to me — but are hard to get done — done. 

If you have a need or craving for novelty, FOMO, or if your people-pleasing tendencies are in overdrive, you might find yourself hijacked by emails, texts, meetings, news updates…all of it!

Try putting your phone on airplane mode until you complete your most important task, or your essential self-care practice, THEN engage. 

This isn’t just a time-management strategy, it is a prioritization strategy to help you manage your energy. 

When we are energized for something, it is easier to produce, get results and be efficient. When we are dragging and distracted, it shows. 

On a recent weekend day I declared it a “screen-free day” for myself and my kids. (I didn’t convince my husband to give it up all day but he did cut back.) There was significant grumbling and The People (aka my kids) tried (and failed) to negotiate with me to let them watch something. Aside from the Masterclass in (not) Negotiating, we also dyed Easter eggs, played board games, they played outside, I read aloud to them, I journaled, we took naps and The People wrestled like puppies.

The Remington People enjoying a screen-free day.

The outside world didn’t need us and we had everything we needed.

Although I’m the only one who verbalized my appreciation of being in “airplane mode” all day, I noticed a difference in everyone.

We need a little vacation every now and then. 

With love,