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There are a few topics that I can get super passionate about. (Like wind-me-up-and-turn-me-loose passionate.) One of those topics is the importance of knowing and OWNING your strengths. 

This isn’t news to my coaching clients. Central to my coaching process is creating greater self-awareness, self-compassion and authentic living, in both our personal and professional lives. In fact, one of the first tools I will use when engaging with a new client is the Clifton StregthsFinder Assessment.

So when one of my friends told me she was planning to explore several different assessments in her new podcast, and asked “do you have a favorite?” I jumped at the invitation!

The podcast was created by Susanne Kerns and Missy Stevens, who are both “moms and so much more,” as they say in their intro. Whether in their writing, their advocacy work or in life in general they are both curious, honest, vulnerable and have a wonderful sense of humor. The Mom &… Podcast is aimed at guiding Moms through everything that happens in the ellipses (the … of our lives), from career decisions to emotional health. I appreciate that they aim to guide women through the challenges that ALL mothers face — both personally and professionally — with wisdom and humor. I’ve gotten new ideas out of every episode I’ve heard!

Mom &… Podcast: “StrengthsFinder with Coach Jenny Remington”

One of the things that made this podcast so engaging was that the hosts each took the assessment and we explored Strengths in general….and then got PERSONAL! There is nothing like being brave and vulnerable to share in a way that others can learn from! 

In this episode we explore:

  • Why StrengthsFinder is my go-to assessment tool
  • The reality that our strengths will change with life experiences (mine sure have!) 
  • How the “focus on weaknesses” mentality is flawed and a more empowering way to grow and evolve
  • Our ability to “take on” a new strength
  • …and so much more!

Even if you haven’t taken the StrengthsFinder assessment, this is a fun conversation aimed at helping you know yourself better and feel more confident as you OWN your strengths. 

Check out the Strengths podcast here. 

Mom &… Podcast: “Habits with Coach Jenny Remington”

The second podcast was  about Habits….and this one was off-the-cuff, short and fun! (This conversation came naturally out of our Strengths conversation so they made it a “part two”.)  

In this short episode we explore:

  • The first step to creating good habits (or breaking “bad” ones)
  • Why willpower is a finite resource
  • How to make habits automatic by taking decisions out of the process

Check out the Habits podcast here. 

These were two fun conversations and I hope you enjoy them. I invite you to hit reply and let me know what you think! 

And if you want to hear more of the Mom &… Podcast you can find all the episodes on their website, or anywhere you download podcasts, and you can find them on social media

What are YOU listening to these days? I’d love to hear your suggestions for other podcasts for me to check out. 

Happy Listening!