Hi There,

I’m seeing more and more people suffering from overwhelm, frustration and burnout.

Many people feel like they are operating at or above their capacity.

They feel a deficit of time, energy, health, money, sleep, ideas, focus, patience… All. The. Things.

In other words, they have no MARGIN. 

What do I mean by margin?

To put it simply, it’s the space between the load you are carrying and your capacity.

When there’s no margin….

  • mistakes are made.
  • one small crisis leads to another. And another. Rinse. Repeat. 
  • there is little time to innovate or problem solve, even though you know that would help.
  • you don’t get enough rest, and the rest you do get isn’t restorative. 
  • people seem grumpier. 
  • you can be grumpier. 
  • it feels harder to breathe. 
  • you feel like your back is against a wall. 
  • you feel STUCK. 
  • things feel tight, constricted, uncomfortable and wrong.

With a little margin in your life you can…

  • practice self-compassion.
  • have time to plan and dream bigger.
  • get more done that actually matters.
  • check in with yourself before you act.
  • have boundaries that help you feel secure and grounded.
  • have space for new ideas to grow and blossom.
  • feel happier and more grateful.
  • feel present and capable.

I believe that margin is an essential ingredient in a purposeful life. 

And now I’m so excited to help you create space instead of stress with The Gift Of Margin,  my newest downloadable workbook.

In this guided digital workbook, you’ll explore a short lifestyle snapshot in 8 areas of your life to help you understand how margin (or lack of margin) may be impacting you. 

It’s designed to help you get clear on how to build margin in your life so you can feel more flexibility, ease, happiness, and most of all, decreased stress.

For just $37 you’ll receive this guided workbook that you can reference again and again. I’ve synthesized years of coaching into this handy guide and I can’t wait to share it with you. 

Ready to create more margin in your life? I’ll guide you through the process!

Get your copy here and prepare to experience the gift of margin.

This workbook was created with love with you in mind. I hope it feels like a gift as you create more margin in your life. 

With love,


“All you can do is create space for transformation to happen, for love and grace to enter.”

Eckhart Tolle