My family spends a lot of time in the Texas Hill Country and on Lake LBJ. 

Our neighbors at the lake have an adorable grandson who practically grew up on the lake. It is not uncommon for the adults who love him to take turns pushing him on the swing. He just turned 5 and has logged a lot of miles in that swing.

A few years ago, he started bellowing his happiness by yelling, “I LOVE DA LAKE!” at the top of his lungs while swinging back and forth from the tree.




Over and over again. 

We’d hear him shout from next door and we’d giggle: it is so wonderful to hear and see a child embrace what they love and *literally* shout it for the world to hear.

The next day, out on the swing again, he bellowed, “I LOVE DA LAKE!” and I hollered back “I LOVE DA LAKE.”  His eyes got big. He didn’t understand what had happened at first. Where did that come from? he seemed to be wondering.

He yelled again, “I LOVE DA LAKE”  and I responded, “I LOVE DA LAKE!”

And so our call-and-answer game began. He’d yell. I’d respond.  I’d call, he’d follow. 

He seemed to love the power of his voice. And I loved how carefree and joyful I felt hollering something that was so true: I love the lake.

do love the lake. I love how I feel when I’m near water. I love being with people as we gather to play. I love naps in the hammock. I love paddling on open water. I love time with my favorite people. 

Fast forward three years, and shouting “I LOVE DA LAKE” is how family and friends, at my house and our neighbors’ house, announce to the Lake that we are home. 

We are here.

We love this place.

And that love is echoed back to us every time.

Where do you find yourself taking a big happy sigh, or shouting with joy? Hit reply and let me know.

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With love,