Hi Friend,

I keep hearing over and over again from my clients and friends how INTENSE life is right now.

While none of us actually thought that turning the calendar over to a new year would be a clean slate, we were hopeful that we could step into the new year with some balance! 

And here we are. 

Workplace demands are as high as ever. Our kids are struggling with the school dynamic. We are fatigued. We know that there is change on the horizon but we are still slogging through. And, those resolutions we made to take care of ourselves feel idealistic or unrealistic given all we are juggling.  

The pace of 2021 is already wearing us down and we are just beginning. 

When I get overwhelmed, my self-care practices fall to the wayside. It isn’t a conscious choice, of course, it is me responding to so much to do and falling into overwhelm.

And, I’ll be honest:  when I’m not at my best, I don’t bring my best to my family or my work. 

Do you know this pattern, too? 

It’s ok. I get it.

Reach out to me to schedule a free coaching session to discuss your unqiue situation so we can get you clear on your needs, out of overwhelm and thriving again.

With love,