I don’t spend too much time on social media, but when I do, I sometimes find gems that get me thinking. That’s the case with this image and the text: they  really struck a chord with me. I saved it and have come back to it a few times, in awe of the power and beauty and strength it conveys.

I have felt like this bison over the past few months: going head-first into the storm. I have also thought about several of my clients, who are also going head-first into their own challenging season. (You know who you are. ❤️ ) 

They know that the storms are where they will grow. And on the other side, they may have a reward and, likely, their next challenge. They step forward when there is an opportunity, leaning into their strengths. 

It is a deep honor to see their courage, their growth and I trust in their ability to rise to the challenge.

We all have storms in our lives.

So I’m curious… 

How do you feel when you see a coming “storm” albeit an opportunity or challenge?

Are you already in a “storm” and feel like you could use some support navigating your way through?  

Would you like support for a trusted coach to help you weather the storm and come out the other side stronger, wiser and quicker? 

I’d love to offer you a (free) Discovery Coaching Session to see if my support would help you. 

With love,


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