Hello from the lake! 

One of my favorite places in the whole world is being by the lake in Kingsland, TX. 

It’s where I get my head on straight when I paddleboard in the early morning. 

It’s where I laugh with friends while we float at happy hour.

It’s where I come feeling frazzled and leave feeling serene.

Water has a powerful healing effect on most of us.

So much so that it’s one of the 8 ideas to help you intentionally recharge in my new DIY product: How To Create A Mini-Retreat.

In this downloadable workbook that you can complete in 30 minutes or less, I give you ideas to recharge in water, such as: 

💦 Take a long bath with bath salts.
💦 Hydrate.
💦 Get a hydrating facial.
💦 Luxuriate in your morning shower.
💦 Soak in a lake.
💦 Swim laps in a pool.
💦 Put your feet in the ocean or a natural body of water.
💦 Get in a steam shower.
💦 Rest on a float as you allow yourself to be held.

Allow the water to flow over and through you. Float. Soak. Dive. Dunk. Steep.

You see –  a retreat doesn’t need to be long to be useful. 

In fact, I would prioritize taking your mini retreat sooner rather than waiting! 

And a retreat doesn’t have to cost you much (or anything!) to be nourishing. 

Create your own Mini-Retreat here for just $39. I’ll show you how! 

Why not purchase it for yourself today and use this holiday weekend to be intentional about your time? 

You are worth it!