I believe you have the power to do great things, but first, it’s vital to take charge of your own life.

That starts with self-care.

When self-care falls to the wayside, it can put you in a state of prolonged stress and overwhelm, which impacts every part of your life. It can cause you to live life from a deficit — of sleep, joy, health, love.

So many of my clients…

Have a FULL life — schedule, home, heart, to-do list — but they aren’t a priority on their own list.   

Feel like everyone else has it together — hello social media! — and they might be the only one who is struggling. 

Are grateful for their life — they love it! — but they feel like there is something missing:  their authentic self.

Somehow along the way, they lost touch with who they are and what they need.

I get it.  I’ve been there, too.

I hear them yearning for

  • grace for some more self-love,

  • some space to think, and

  • place to do it in a nurturing environment.

After two years, a vision I’ve been nurturing is finally a reality:  Grace & Space.

Grace & Space is a coach-led virtual Self-Care Circle to help you:

  • Know yourself better so you can understand your needs and how to get them met, guilt-free!

  • Carve out new and more lasting ways to recharge and nourish yourself (than just bubble baths or a glass of wine).

  • Feel grateful and more energized in every area of your FULL life.

  • Connect deeply with and be inspired by other women.

Self-care is not selfish. It’s a necessary component to living a full life. 

I love this message by Eckhart Tolle, “All you can do is create space for transformation to happen for grace and love to enter.” This idea speaks to my inspiration and intention for this special circle. I am so excited to begin!

I’d love to invite you to learn more about my new Self-Care Circle which will begin November 2.

If you feel called to take charge of your life by focusing on your self-care, I invite you to join me in this Self-Care Circle.

Here’s to the necessity of self-care,

PS – this will be a small, carefully curated group. If this topic speaks to your heart, I invite you to learn more and apply to join us….soon!