Fall isn’t yet in the air in Austin, Texas, but we are in the throws of the “back to school” season.  

Of course, you don’t have to have school-aged kids to have your summer schedule impacted by the school calendar. Navigating colleagues’ vacation schedules (hopefully along with your own!) and ever-present work and life demands can mean that you may need a reset.

All summer long you may have been navigating a different pace and totally forgetting about your morning journaling or other ways to nurture yourself.  Now you are getting back into a routine and maybe you are feeling…well…not quite yourself. 

I get it.

I believe that living a full life requires us to take care of ourselves so we achieve our dreams AND be a loving, present, compassionate resource for all the amazing people, passions and projects in our lives. 

The first question I’ll ask my clients who are feeling burnt out or overwhelmed is, “how are you taking care of yourself?”

Many times, she will tell me she doesn’t even know where to begin with her self-care.

I get that, too. 

I hear over and over again from clients and friends, “I should take care of myself better… but I’m not.”

That’s why I’m so excited to invite you to a brand new virtual event:

Self-Care Workshop

Clarify Your Self-Care Needs

A free virtual workshop to get recharged, nourished and energized!
Thursday, September 26 at 12:30 pm CT

I’ve created this workshop from more than five years of experience in coaching and leading in-person events, and I’m thrilled to bring it to you now, virtually!

Join me for this one-hour workshop to get clear on your non-negotiable self-care needs now.

Because it’s time to shift from “I should be taking better care of myself” to “Now I know what I need and how to do it.”

I’d love for you to join me.  See you there!

With Love,


P.S. While I work with men and women, this workshop is exclusively for women.