Wouldn’t it be great to have a week-long solo vacation right now to destress? One that’s free from ALL of your responsibilities?

You might say “YEEEEEESSSSS! But….

I don’t have the time, money, energy, childcare, [ insert adult responsibility here ].!”

I hear you.

You want to destress NOW and your resources are scarce. (While you save up for that solo vacay.)

Because let’s face it: our lives are filled with stress. And even people with strong self-care practices can feel overwhelmed with accrued stress, high expectations and a cascade of disorganized thoughts.

When we combine stress with a deep state of exhaustion, and, well – it’s what I see with most of my clients.

If the past few years have taught us anything, it is that the world WILL change around us. And I personally have learned that, no matter what, I MUST take care of myself if I am to be the person, mother, partner, friend and coach that I want to be.

That’s why I created a juicy new free gift just for you:

How To Give Yourself a Mini-Retreat.

A mini-retreat might be a peaceful respite from your daily routine. Or, this might be a revolutionary experience to take a pause and do something just for you!

Here are 3 steps to create a mini-retreat that serves your heart, body, mind and soul.

I’ll be honest:  taking time for yourself isn’t always easy. (If it was you wouldn’t be reading this!)  But, with a little bit of planning, the right mindset, and some ingenuity, you CAN create a mini-retreat for yourself to help you relax and recover from burnout. 

I’ll show you how.

With love, 


“In order to understand the world, one has to turn away from it on occasion”

– Albert Camus