Last week, a girlfriend and I took a “day-cation” at a hotel rooftop in downtown Austin. 

We did this last summer on a whim, and we both loved it so much that we knew we needed to do it again.

Can we make our own drink at home? Yes.

Can we splash in water elsewhere? Yes.

But somehow, the act of carving out a day just for us – with someone serving us and a comfy seat by the pool – feels luxurious.

No kids.
No meetings.
No distractions. 

We both came back feeling a million times better. 🌟

Nourished. Centered. Cared for.

In the unstructuredness of summer, it can be hard to carve out time for ourselves. 

And while a week-long (or even weekend-long) solo vacation sounds AMAZING right now, that’s now always feasible. 

You might say, “I don’t have the time, money, energy, childcare, or [ insert adult responsibility here ]!”

I hear you. 

But one thing I have learned (and I tell my clients the same): 

I MUST take care of myself to be the person, mother, partner, friend, and coach I want to be. 👏

That’s why I created this digital product just for you:
How To Give Yourself a Mini-Retreat.

Purchase for just $39 here. 

In this guided digital workbook, you’ll learn 3 steps (and 8 tangible, doable ideas!) to help you create a mini-retreat that serves your heart, body, mind, and soul.

It’s my carefully curated framework to help you…

🩵 center yourself.

🩵 tend to your body.

🩵 quiet your mind.

🩵 see your present circumstances with clarity.

🩵 open your heart.

This mini-retreat might be a peaceful respite from your daily routine. 

Or, it might be a revolutionary experience to pause and do something just for you!

I’ll be honest:  taking time for yourself isn’t always easy. (If it was, you might not be reading this nodding your head!)  

But, with a little bit of planning, the right mindset, and some ingenuity, you CAN create a mini-retreat to help you relax and recover from burnout. 

Whether it’s 30 minutes or a full day. I promise you’ll walk away with ideas and a plan.

And, you can reuse this workbook over and over again anytime you want to plan a fun mini-retreat just for yourself. 

I’ll show you how.

With love,