I blinked and the summer is half over. (Spoiler alert: there are about 40 days until Labor Day.) 

If you often find yourself at the end of a season (summer, the holidays, or even every single weekend) wishing that you could have some of that time back because you let it slip by, then this is the topic for you!

My summer intention is to stay engaged with what matters most each day. 

It’s why I am unplugging for longer stretches to be with my family, why I’m feeling so inspired by my awesome clients, and why I haven’t lost my s*#$ while preparing to move. (More on that soon.) I’ve had a plan for something to engage my kids each day which has helped us all stay in a nice rhythm. 

And yet this morning, when I realized that the summer was more than half over, I had this longing feeling that it was going too fast and I was missing something. 

Do you know that feeling?

There is nothing wrong with looking back longingly on our past. In fact, if viewed in the right mindset, looking back can inspire us to connect more with the people and experiences that matter to us. 

Here are a couple of questions to help you engage in the present moment to what matters most:

  1. what am I grateful for right now?
  2. how can I savor this experience?
  3. if only one thing happened today, what would truly make me happy?

Here’s to being more present and savoring your summer!