At the beginning of every summer, I have a kumbaya fantasy that we’ll enjoy a slower pace, the People will get along, and my ambitious project list will be complete.

Yes: I call my kids the People.

Although summer can be a really fun time for us, working from home means that many days I’m juggling competing priorities and preferences.

So this summer, I am working on creating balance for us. I came up with a list of categories of things my kids can do to keep themselves engaged, happy and occupied, and so I can do my thing, too.

I’m calling it our “Summer Something.”  

Here’s the gist: every day, the People do four somethings:

  1. Something quiet (read!)
  2. Something creative (your choice!)
  3. Something helpful (Mom’s choice!)
  4. Something active (go outside!)

No matter what we have on the plan for the day, each one of these somethings can get done. And, just to make sure they are motivated, these somethings are the gateway to unlock access to their tablets. I’m no fool. Motivation is everything.

News flash:  two weeks into summer and the Summer Something system is working well for the kids. YAY!  

However, I’m already feeling ragged and wondering how teachers navigate their days with twenty more of these hooligans. #blesstheteachers

A few nights ago when I crashed into bed, I realized that my self-care had been nonexistent since the last day of school. I thought, “I need to do something.”  And then smiled.

The same summer something list that I’m directing for the People could absolutely work for me:

  1. Something quite (I love starting my day with meditation.)
  2. Something creative (Writing is my favorite outlet.)
  3. Something meaningful (BE intentional about connecting)
  4. Something active (Move my body:  walk, SUP, yoga…what would feel good today?)

THIS is my kind of list:  each of these somethings fills up my cup. And, can spend as much or as little time on each of these as I have on any given day.  

I encourage you to think about the daily somethings that would make you feel good and help you be more grounded. I hope you do something really meaningful for yourself.

Hit reply and let me know your own Summer Something, or comment on my blog.  I always love to hear from you.