I used to believe I could be really productive in the evenings. I’d put the kids to bed and dive into a project. Before I’d know it, it was past 1 a.m. And, I was often frustrated with myself for everything not-yet-done.

Not getting enough sleep was causing me to live life from a deficit — of joy, health and love.

Not ok, Jenny! 

You see when self-care falls to the wayside, it can put you in a state of prolonged stress and overwhelm, which impacts every part of your life.

So here’s what I’m now doing to protect my energy for the people and projects I love:

  • I’m getting more sleep.*
  • I’m journaling.
  • I’m working out 2-4 times a week.
  • I’m prioritizing my time by what is most important to me each day.
  • I’m volunteering at my kids’ school 1.5 hours (or more) each week.

And, my business is flourishing: I’ve got a full client roster of people that I LOVE working with.

So what is the secret? Did I find more time?

Nope. I’ve still got the same 24 hours.

The difference is that I’m working really hard to take care of myself: that is my priority.  

Here’s what that looks like:  I’m clear on what my priorities are. I’ve got support. I’m being intentional about my time. I’m being clear about my boundaries. Instead of stepping back from my goals, I’m stepping towards them. And, most important I’m being compassionate towards myself and my people.

I believe we each have the power to do great things, but first, it’s vital to take charge of your own life. That starts with self-care.

And yet so often I hear from people that they struggle to put their own well-being as a priority. That somehow along the way they lost touch with who they are and what they need.

That’s why I created Grace & Space.

Grace & Space is a virtual Self-Care Circle to explore our overall well-being in a nurturing and supportive way so you can:

  • Know yourself better so you can understand your needs and how to get them met, guilt-free!
  • Carve out new and more lasting ways to recharge and nourish yourself (than just bubble baths and a glass of wine).
  • Feel grateful and more energized in every area of your FULL life.
  • Connect deeply with and be inspired by other women.

And the best part? It’s VIRTUAL, so we can connect from anywhere for a Friday lunch break! 

Sound like what you need? Learn more about it here.

It’s time to be well. 

With love,

* Truth bomb: IF I’m up super-late, it is because we are binge-watching a favorite show or I am enjoying a great conversation AND a good bottle of wine. So don’t wake me too early the next day, Kids. Please and thank you.