One of the many things I hear from women is that they know they need to take better care of themselves but feel guilty about it. 

While we’ve heard, you can’t pour from an empty cup, I can attest to the fact that you can pour from a cracked, damaged or half-full cup. 

But it’s messy. 

Pouring from that half-full cup ends in personal struggle and becoming more and more resentful.


Most of us are feeling depleted and overwhelmed right now. I mean how could we not be overwhelmed:  we are living through a crisis buffet!  If you feel that way, chances are you are pouring from a half-full cup.

When I talk about self-care it is not, “I care for myself instead of caring for…” 

This also is not, “I care about me more than I care about…”  

In the simplest terms, self-care is the commitment: “I care about myself also.”  

The BEST way you can show up as your authentic self to the world is  to make a lifestyle shift from ME LAST, to ME, too, to ME FIRST – and to not feel guilty about it.

You don’t have to suffer!

There are ways to bring more care into your life — no matter how busy you are — and that you deserve to feel better.

My Grace & Space Self-Care Circle was created to guide you on your personal self-care journey. It is a minimal time investment for a huge shift:  for your self-care to be a priority and to build your habits around self-care.

Click on over to my website to learn more about it and apply.  (There is no obligation by applying.  I’ll open the door if it seems like we are a fit.)

In Grace & Space you’ll reflect on where you are on auto-pilot with your habits and will bring more intention and love to find that you have more space for self-care. 

The bulk of the circle is focused on  practicing self-care amidst the constant changing of our lives.

THIS is where the real work is: incorporating the practice of caring for yourself within the context of your daily life.

I’ve heard that not only do women learn how to take care of themselves, but the dynamics of their family and relationships change.

“This experience has been a lifestyle change for me.”

– Mel

Many times, the people who struggle most with self-care have very giving natures. They have heard the messages that being a good friend, mother, daughter, partner means to put yourself last. 

In this circle they learn how self-love fits into the fabric of their life and enriches their relationships.

“As someone who cares so much for others, it was life-changing to learn that self-care and self love are essential to loving my people the way I want to.”

– Michelle 

I want you to be happy, resourced and grounded. For me, and I’m guessing for you too, that begins with a committed effort to self-care.

With love,