Hi There,
Sometimes, we just want to be led.

We want the waiter to suggest a delicious dish.
We want the friend with the inside scoop to suggest where we go this weekend.
We want to attend a workout class and follow the instructor.

Even though I’m a woman who knows what I want, I’ve been known to say. “I don’t want to decide anything. Can you take the lead?”

It sometimes feels like a luxury to say, “I’m turning this over to you, will you take care of me?”

I’m seeing that more and more in my clients.

They are tired of making so many decisions. YES: they want a full life, rich with experiences, but without quite so many options and second guessing. Every. Single. Day.

I’ve been coaching now for nearly 10 years (!!). Not only have I sought out training in lots of different modalities to support my clients, but I’ve also seen trends with similar issues that lots of people struggle with. I love reading and learning and bringing resources to my clients.

I’m seeing patterns of smart, successful people who feel burned out and like they have somehow lost themselves along the way.

They miss the spark, the fire, the passion they used to feel. They wonder, who am I now and what is my path going forward?

To that client I say, you aren’t lost. You just need to rediscover the parts of you that make you shine!

I’ve now created a special coaching program Rediscovering Me to support my clients in a new way. This carefully curated and structured 6-month program will inspire you to live your best life both personally and professionally. We’ll have worksheets, journal prompts and opportunities for you to dig deeper into each topic.

Here’s an overview of the topics we’ll cover….

Session 1: Orientation

We’ll settle into the coaching with a self-compassion-infused exploration of where you are and where you want to be.

Sessions 2 – 3: Embracing Holistic Self-care

We’ll embrace new ideas (and perhaps rekindle old ones) about what it means to care for your sweet self now.

Sessions 4 – 5: Knowing (and Claiming!) Your Core Values

We’ll shine a light on what matters most to you and will help you feel more aligned with your authentic self.

Sessions 6 – 7: Finding Your Strengths

We’ll stand tall in the language of your strengths and learn to look at your world through the lens of your gifts.

Sessions 8 – 9: Quieting Your Inner Critic

We’ll gently explore self-doubt and you’ll discover new ways to hold yourself with grace.

Sessions 10 – 11: Discovering to Your Inner Mentor

We’ll befriend a powerful source of wisdom deep inside you.

Session 12: Reorientation

We’ll reflect on the journey we’ve taken and celebrate how far you’ve come.

This new coaching program is for you if you love one-on-one support and guidance delivered in a structured way.

If you are curious about what kind of coaching experience might suit you best right now, hit reply or schedule a free Discovery Coaching session and I’ll help you choose the path that supports you best.

With love,