One year ago, I was experiencing the first few days of a concussion from an accident on the water which would take more than 12 weeks to recover fully. I had trouble sleeping, making decisions, finding the right words, responding to situations without BIG emotions. In a word, it was ROUGH. I was taking it day by day and was singularly focused on how to help my brain heal.

And last week, I participated in a 21 mile stand up paddle event. I was on the water, feeling strong and proud to raise money for a cause that is near to my heart (mental health in the wake of cancer).

At some point in the 10 hour journey I thought, “Wow. What a difference a year makes.”

And it’s true. If you think about what was happening in your world one year ago, chances are things looked really different. We were 18 months into the pandemic where many people were vaccinated but variants were still a strong cause for concern, leaving us confused and feeling defeated.

But it is also true that sometimes a year can pass and it feels like we haven’t moved forward at all.

Like you blinked and here is September again!!

You may even feel like a broken record: wanting things to be different but not knowing exactly what that means.


It is only through intentional work — with my coach and on my own — that I feel stronger and clearer than ever. I had to slow down to recover. I had to prioritize myself, my family and my business.

Now I am fueled by the experience of knowing myself better, trusting my heart more and taking action for what will help me grow – in all ways.

That is why I can say with tears in my eyes, “Wow. What a difference a year makes.”

I want that for you, too. I want to help you take actions TODAY to help you look back and say to yourself, “Look how far I’ve come.”

You can get started right now.  Grab your journal and explore: 

What is challenging me right here, right now?

How am I experiencing most of my days? 

And, what would I like to be different?

If you’d like support from someone who’s been there (and has the coaching skills to guide you) to help you discover or uncover what you want so that you can start feeling a change, please reach out. I’d love to support you with a free discovery coaching session to help you get clear and get into action.

With so much love,


“We don’t go through life.

We GROW through life.”

– Eric Butterworth