Hi Friend!

You know, one thing that I can say that brings a sigh of relief to my clients?

“You are not alone.”

Photo by bin Ziegler from Pexels

Whether reminding them of their connection to people who love them, or sharing what I see coaching others,  or even sharing my own experience, there is so much power and comfort in the knowledge that we are not alone in our struggle. 

So many of us feel like everyone else has it together, and that we are the only one who is stumbling, hurting or working. So. Damn. Hard.

And that’s not the case at all.

That’s why I love bringing people together in a safe, judgment-free place. 

When the space to share is open and honest, there is so much grace that can happen!

Grace for you to give yourself a break and be kinder, both to yourself and to others.

And you know what? This grace is a powerful element of great friendships.