My self-care needs have changed drastically in the past several years.

Maybe you can relate….

  • I used to need a ton more people-time. Now that I work with people all day and coach people on their “big stuff,” I need to have more alone time meditating and slowing starting my day in the stillness of the morning.
  • I used to love a big cup of coffee in the morning.  Now my GI tract is more sensitive, and I am avoiding caffeine. Green tea is my go-to beverage in the morning in order to not wreck my day.
  • I used to flip back and forth between my roles as a coach and a Mom. Now I carve out time before my kids arrive home to transition from my coaching work to my role as a parent to help me be fully present to both.

Quiet time, avoiding certain foods and boundaries on my time are just a few of the new ways I’m taking care of myself now.

Does this resonate with you?

  • What used to fill you up, doesn’t…
  • What used to recharge your batteries, leaves you drained…
  • What used to bring you joy, doesn’t have the same impact…

There is nothing wrong with you:  your needs have shifted.

 So, what do you do if what used to work doesn’t anymore?

 As your coach and friend, I can tell you, you are not alone.  TRUST ME:  I GET IT.  

 So what do you do?  How can you avoid suffering and help yourself thrive again?

You give yourself a break.

You pause.

And you give yourself permission to find something that works for you NOW to recharge your batteries. 

I have just the thing to help you do that! 

Join me to create your 2020 Self-Care Plan on Thursday, February 13 at 12:30 p.m. CT.

My self-care needs have changed drastically in the past several years.
Maybe you can relate…

Register here.

This is one hour just for you! 

It’s a safe space to help you to get crystal clear on your essential self-care needs now. 

AND I’ll also be sharing how you can move forward with implementing your most essential self-care practices.

Because it’s time to shift from “This is no longer working” to “This is how I take care of myself now”

I hope to see you there!

With care,