Visioning Experience 2019



Woot! Woot!

It is the time of year when this coach gets giddy with excitement.  I LOVE the energy of holidays, but even more, I love helping you set yourself up for a clear vision for the New Year.

I’ve been a long-time fan of Vision Boards to help you tap into your desires to understand what you truly want.

Why? Because when you bring clarity to what you want, you’ll begin to align your life to fulfill that vision.

Have you ever tried to create one?    

Maybe you have done a Pinterest board—only it doesn’t feel authentically you and feels more like a “to BUY” list.

Maybe you have tried a cut-and-paste Vision Board—but all you were left with is a pile of magazine cutouts.

Maybe you have tried to create a Vision Board with your bestie—only to not remember (or maybe you never really knew!?) what it means to you.

That’s why I can’t wait to invite you to experience 20/20 clarity with the inspiration of a Vision Board and the power of coaching.

Join me for the 2020 Visioning Experience!







Every year I upgrade the Visioning Experience and I’m so excited to share it with you. This transformational Visioning Experience includes 2 parts:



Part 1: Vision Board Workshop (In person) 



Join me and a fellow circle of women for a fun, friendly and guided 4-hour workshop where you’ll experience my Visioning process:   

Step 1:  Tapping into Your Vision
You’ll receive intuitive guidance on creating a Vision and how to use your emotions and perceptions to tap into your Vision.

Step 2: Creating & Curating Your Vision
You’ll be supplied with everything you need to create your Vision Board alongside other lovely ladies in a supportive environment.





Just think of: 



  • opening up to your creative process
  • listening to a great playlist
  • feeling inspired and joyful
  • cutting and pasting with no distractions (no kids!) 
  • enjoying yummy & healthy snacks
  • connecting and creating alongside other lovely ladies 
  • claiming four hours just for you to dream into what you REALLY want for 2020…and beyond! 
  • … and the best part? You don’t have to clean anything up afterward! 



Step 3:  Guided Insights on Your Vision (NEW!)
After our Vision Boards are created, I will guide the group to share and reflect with each other about their Vision Board.



This is your first chance to claim your dreams and have some fun! I’ll guide the discussion with my experience helping hundreds of women get clear on their unique Visions. And, the group may give input and reflections on other’s boards, something that can make this process even more meaningful to your Vision!



Part 2: Private Vision Integration Session (virtual coaching session)



After you have created your Vision Board, you’re invited to a 1-on-1 virtual coaching session with me for you to understand your Vision Board in a deeper way.



(Psst:  Don’t worry!!  You don’t need to show up with any deep insight about your Vision Board. That’s what we’ll do together!)



This is an opportunity to share more about what your board means to you. I will guide you to help you better connect the dots and to help you say, “WOW! I never saw it that way but that makes so much sense!” 



This coaching session is like the “icing on the cake” to understand how you can make your Vision Board work for you and start 2020 off with a strong heart, clear mind and inspiring vision.



Sound like it’s right up your alley? It should. I created this with my clients and friends in mind, and I’ve now shared it with hundreds of women. 



During this week when there is such a focus on shopping for others, I invite you to give this gift of Vision to yourself. 



Join me for this powerful (and super fun) experience on January 10 or 11 in Cedar Park, Texas.



With a Vision for your best year yet,



PS – Bummed that you can’t make it to Austin for this experience? Contact me for a complimentary coaching session by phone or videoconference.