Hi There,

Life brings so much change and possibilities.

Sometimes I hear from a client that they’ve “lost themselves.” 

Maybe you feel this way sometimes too…

Years of doing all.the.things. have left you feeling depleted and longing to know yourself again.

All the years of striving, helping, creating, hustling, nurturing yourself through: 








Empty nest. 




New Beginning.

And more.

Sometimes all that change can deliver the message that you are too much and need to turn it down

That you need to step out of the center of the frame. That your time has passed.

That you should be THIS and not be THAT… 

And all those “shoulds” add up to a “should symphony” leaving you confused or angry or deeply sad. Sometimes all three and more.

It is painful and lonely to not feel like you can be your true self. 

It is equally painful to feel like you don’t know your true self in the first place because you left the parts of you behind that made you You.

To remember who you are and what lights you up, I invite you to look for the breadcrumbs of little pieces of you that you left behind. The ones you abandoned so that you could fit someone else’s idea of what you should be.

I love this poem by Melody Godfred: 

I unknowingly left pieces of myself 

behind along the way. 

I used to think this meant

I had lost myself.

Now I realize they were crumbs

Left behind so I could find my way back

When I was ready to choose myself

By Melody Godfred 

Excerpt from Self-Love Poetry

If this resonates with you, please hear me, Dear Reader: 

✨ You aren’t starting over. 

✨ You are looking back at who you were before the world told you who to be. 

✨ You are looking forward to the vision you have for yourself. 

✨ And you are looking at this moment as a gift. 

Authenticity is recovering the part of yourself you left behind to be practical. 

Choose yourself. It’s time. 

With love,


Quote:   “As you live deeper in the heart, the mirror gets cleaner and cleaner.” — Rumi