Hi There,

I hope you are well.  

I hope you are feeling rested and content. 

But chances are good that you are feeling a little (or a lot?) drained. 

This has been a busy season of life for everyone and, I hope this message is your loving reminder to take some time for yourself this week to reflect and prepare your heart for the coming year. 

Why not do something nice for yourself and give yourself the gift of presence?  

What do I mean by that? 

With just a few moments of reflection with my new digital workbook Mindfully Welcoming the New Year, you have a loving guide to help you reflect on 2023 and welcome all that is coming in 2024. 

Grab your copy now and then make a plan to carve out some time this week to reflect.

I encourage you to find an hour for yourself and let everyone else can play with new goodies and get lost in their own activities for a while. Win-Win. 

With love,