Life is stressful.  

Whether it is building a business, tending to a family, navigating corporate life, witnessing tragedies close to home or around the globe…

That’s why it’s so important to make time to pause. 

It’s true that our culture – and most of our daily lives – doesn’t support the practice of pausing and turning inward. 

Collectively, we value outward energy, production and growth. And Always. Do. More.

But being “on” all the time fries our circuits and leads to overwhelm and burnout.

Over the past week, I’ve had the privilege to present one of my favorite workshops “Permission to Pause” with two amazing groups:

  1. L500 Executive Leadership Retreat

2. A team at Dell

Organizers of these groups shared with me beforehand:

“My team has been working so hard. We’ve done the usual team-building activities:  I want to do something to honor them as people.”  


“We want our guests to have the space to recharge and thrive.” 

For both of these workshops, I was honored to lead participants to

  • have gentle guidance and space to check in with themselves
  • learn (or rediscover) what helps them feel well in challenging moments
  • discover micro moments of self-care for more self-compassion and clarity

Both workshops were powerful and needed. 

I was so excited to share them!

Do you or your organization need a speaker or workshop leader in 2024?

I lead these workshops and talks:

✨ Permission to Pause 

✨ Play to Your Strengths

✨ How to Create a Powerful Vision

✨ Self-discovery for self-care

I’d be honored to lead you or your group on any of these topics. Connect with me here.

And in the meantime, in this busy end-of-year season, take this quote to heart:

With love,