Over the past 2 years, my focus on self-care has intensified BIG TIME. I now see self-care as essential to our survival as having medical insurance. (Think I’m being dramatic? Read on.)

And I get a variety of responses from people when I mention self-care.

It USED to be things like: 

Oh, I need to get a massage so badly!

I’d love to go out with my friends/partner…

I’m just so busy with all my family’s activities…

But now, after spending nearly 2 years in isolation I can tell you with 100% clarity that self-care has shifted FOR EVERYONE. 

I define self-care these days as tending to the body, heart, mind or spirit through kindness, tenderness, love, prevention or protection.

Yep – prevention. So that – even with all the world’s craziness – we can do everything we can to be.well. 

Listen, true self-care is not for the faint of heart. It isn’t easy, but I really do believe that true self-care is fundamental to living a full life.

We as women are often the caregivers. We’ve been taught to put everyone else first. We’re SO GOOD at NOT listening to our own needs…until those needs bubble up and scream at us and we can’t ignore them anymore. (Hello illness. Overwhelm. Anger.  Depression….) 

That’s where the Grace & Space Self-Care Circle comes in. 

Grace & Space is a 3-month journey designed to help you know what you need so you can practice self-care everyday.

This is my 8th offering of this special Self-Care Circle, and with every experience, I am more inspired to share this work!

When women learn to prioritize themselves, their impact upon their world is astounding.

Listen to Mary Ellen’s experience of Grace & Space

The weekly coaching circle enables us to dig deep into important topics. It was so amazing how we learned to support each other. I loved the trust we all have in each other and knowing this is the right place for me to grow.

Having the daily journal prompts helped me engage with the topics and set the foundation for me to start being more reflective and tuning in to myself. I realized I have SOOOO much to be grateful for and I’m feeling that way again in my life, thanks to Grace & Space.

The text thread with the other members really laid the foundation for me to think about self-care every day. I could be inspired by others, cheer them on in their self-care and start practicing to share about the things I’m proud of for my self-care. This was HUGE for me and really helped build connection to the others.

Probably the deepest part of the program was the one-on-one coaching with Jenny where I could go deep and really explore how to implement what I was learning into my life.

– Mary Ellen

Is it time for you to give yourself a little grace for these stressful times and some space to explore how to better care for yourself?

How about as a loving thing to do for yourself this Valentine’s Day? 

New circles are forming now. 

Learn more and apply here. 

(Please note – there is no obligation to work with me by applying – I’ll open the door if it seems like we’re a fit.)

And, as a BONUS – apply for Grace & Space by 11:59 pm CT on February 16 and you will be invited to a free private class: “Mindfulness Based Stress Resilience:Uncovering our innate wisdom to protect, love and care.” Taught by my teacher, Geeta Cowlagi on February 25 at 12 pm CT.