The 4th of July is nearly here – and for many of us, it’s a 4-day weekend. 🎆

4 days can be a luxurious amount of time to relax and recharge.

But not if you aren’t intentional about how you use that time.

Like my client Molly, who came to me feeling ragged:

She had been running around non-stop with all.the.things – until she suddenly realized she had a 3-hour pocket of time on a Friday to herself.

She started looking forward to it – it seemed like it would be such a nice break! 

She thought….

I could start that crochet project!
Or explore that new coffee shop!
Or take a walk with my favorite audiobook playing.

But what happened was much less exciting.

She hopped on social media.
She did a load of laundry.
She sat down for just a few minutes.

And before she knew it, her 3 hours were up. 

The time passed and she was so frustrated that she didn’t savor it.

Carving out recharge time can be HARD.

But I’m here to help! 

I created this digital product just for you:
How To Give Yourself a Mini-Retreat.

Purchase for just $39 here. 

It’s your handy guide – chock full of ideas – to help you create a rejuvenating

mini-retreat, just for you.

So that next time you have 30-minutes, 3 hours, 1 full day – or any amount of time – that you can intentionally create time for yourself! 

With a little bit of planning, the right mindset, and some ingenuity, you CAN create a mini-retreat for yourself to help you relax and recover from burnout. 

I’ll show you how.

With love,