I LOVE to practice yoga. 

It calms me and centers me.

My friend and I have regular get-togethers at each other’s houses where we practice yoga together.

I also love to do it on my own in my office in the wee hours of the morning before anyone (well anyone besides my dog Gus) is awake.

And it’s such a treat when I can do it outside by the lake.

I had an opportunity to do yoga in the park last month with friends. I don’t normally do yoga with a large group, but this experience was divine. 

I soon found myself letting go of being self-conscious and laughing and enjoying the group experience. Everyone was SO supportive – and it was such a fun time! 

I find that when I change things up from how I normally do them it’s a really good exercise in being present. 

In fact “Do something different” is a tip that I share in my “How To Give Yourself a Mini-Retreat” digital workbook!

Why should you do something different as an idea for a Mini-Retreat?

Because novelty has a powerful effect on our brains. It opens up our creativity, helps us stay really present and open.

Here are some ideas to get your juices flowing:

🌟 Take a yoga class, or maybe a private lesson with your favorite teacher.

🌟 Get pampered: massage, scrub, pedicure, acupuncture….whatever makes you feel alive and beautiful. 

🌟 If you always drive with a podcast or a certain type of music, change things up. Go for a drive with the windows down and a playlist that matches your intention.

🌟 If you’ve given yourself 24 hours or more, drive 1-2 hours and be somewhere new and check into a hotel and enjoy a real change of scenery where you aren’t responsible for anything!

I have SO many more ideas to share with you in this downloadable workbook!

In addition, I’ll walk you through:
🌴 Setting your intention
🌴 How to prepare
🌴 My best tips to actually creating your Mini-Retreat so you come back refreshed!

Get your copy for only $39 here.

Give yourself this gift that you can use (and reuse) anytime, anywhere to help you set some intentional time (even just an hour!) for yourself.

I’ll show you how.