Hi There!

In the past few years I’ve been fascinated with somatic or embodied coaching.

It’s one of the topics that I’ve spent a lot of time on in my continuing education, which is really important to me as an ICF-certified coach.

In a nutshell, somatic or embodied coaching means exploring “information” from the person’s body, not just from their head.

I’ve incorporated this more into my sessions when clients have felt stress, overwhelm, fear, excitement….(anything!).

I’ve guided them back to their bodies as a way of processing, knowing and moving forward.

And I’ve also proactively led somatic exercises at the start of my group sessions.

It’s a powerful way to gain clarity and a sense of peace.

Would you like to experience a new way to get coached – one that allows you to get out of your head and be more IN your body?

I am opening up 5 spaces for a 45-minute FREE “Walk & Talk” Discovery coaching session.

In these sessions I’ll (virtually) join you in a space that helps you feel more open and creative and allow you to access your deep wisdom in a coaching conversation.

In this over-Zoomed world, let’s get away from our desks where so much of our life happens. 

Coaching while moving could open up new levels of creativity, problem solving, awareness for you. 

So grab your earbuds and put on your walking shoes and let’s talk about something that moves you. Literally. 

Looking forward with love,


“Think with the whole body.”

Taisen Deshimaru