Are you into podcasts?

If you’ve been around me for a while, you know that I love books and sharing great ideas. Podcasts are new and exciting territory for me to learn, explore and be entertained. 

A few weeks ago I shared on Instagram that I was a guest on a podcast for the first time.  And today I’m so excited to tell you that the podcast is LIVE! 

If you are also new to podcasting, shall we dip our toes in to together?

Catch me on the CoachPath Life School PodCast with Jille Bartolome, Melanie Florsheim to learn how “Self-Care is an INSIDE JOB!”

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How do we define self-care?
  • How my personal journey to self-care informs my work (and changed my life)!
  • What does it mean that “self-care is an inside job”?

You know I LOVE to talk about self-care so this was a real treat for me!  

I’d love to invite you to check out the CoachPath Life School podcast and let me know what you think!  You can listen here or on iTunes.  And if you liked what you heard from the CoachPath Life School podcast, you can check out a new one every week.  

Do you have a favorite podcast? Hit reply and let me know what I should have on my radar. 

With love,