As long as I remember, I’ve been in love with elephants.

Like many children, I fixated on my favorite animal and collected symbols in the form of stuffed animals, jewelry, trinkets….you name it.

These days Elle, my childhood stuffed elephant, takes turns between my two kids’ beds or my favorite chair.

Send me a video of a baby elephant playing in the ocean surf or sliding down the side of a hill, and you can guarantee I’m smiling, laughing and crying all at the same moment. Thank you social media for gifts I didn’t know I needed!

At 40 years old, I wept big fat tears when I stood in front of this beautiful grandmother at the San Diego Zoo with my two boys. They saw my tears and knew how much it meant for me. It was such a moving experience.

The characteristics of elephants feel familiar, personal, and magical to me all at the same time; I have drawn meaning from the connection I feel to them.

I’ve always seen elephants — and by extension seen myself — as gentle, powerful, protective and intuitively connected to others. I have a unique memory and I am willing to say what needs to be said. I’m brave in my commitment to protecting my herd.

In certain spiritual traditions or cultures, spirit animal refers to a spirit which helps guide or protect a person and whose characteristics that person shares or embodies. It may sound “woo” but loving elephants has taught me many things about myself.

Elephants have found their way on to each of my vision boards, with meaning for both my personal and my professional growth.

And, if you’ve ever video coached with me, you’ve probably noticed that I have an elephant painting sitting behind me in my office.

Yes, I literally have an elephant in the room.

I chose this beautiful painting to remind me that we can be brave enough:

  • to see what demands to be seen,
  • to say what needs to be said, and

  • to be acknowledged for who we really are.

It is my gift and honor as a coach to see people for who they are, help them name their struggles and opportunities and be brave as they take a stand for their future.

Do you want the support to say what needs to be said? Do you need someone to acknowledge who for who you are? Are you looking for help to bring forth the strength you know is inside you? Let’s talk.