Well, THAT was fun!  

Last weekend I hosted two Vision Board workshops and I. Am. Revved. Up.

Over the past five years, I’ve led a couple hundred women through my Visioning Experience process. Each year I bring my best knowledge, fresh ideas and what I’ve learned from working with clients to make their Visions a reality. 

This year I changed it up by… 

  • hosting it at a new venue,
  • giving more time for the workshop, and
  • offering lunch!

Nearly half of the participants had been through this process with me before. It is so meaningful to me for people to have the Visioning Experience be a part of their ritual for the new year! 

I love hearing from participants that they feel:

  • Energized from four hours to themselves for this mini-retreat. 
  • Clear on what they want to focus on and what matters most. 
  • Connected to the group, even if they didn’t know anyone coming into it!
  • Inspired by their beautifully completed board and their ability to tap into their intuition!


I’ll be pretty busy for the next couple weeks while I meet with each participant for the second part of this experience:  her private Vision Integration coaching session with me. This is truly my favorite part: where each person is invited to consider and clarify her vision. 

I’ve seen over and over again that the process of creating a vision board, coupled with the Vision Integration Session is a powerful catalyst for clarity and action. 

Didn’t have a chance to catch the Visioning Experience this year? 

Would you like support on creating your 2020 vision? Did you know that 95% of my coaching is virtual?  I have coached clients in Canada, Europe, Africa and throughout the United States. Bottom line: location isn’t an issue. Reach out and let’s talk. You can connect with me here. 

Envisioning a GREAT 2020 for you!