I believe you have the power to do great things, but first, it’s vital to take charge of your own life.

That starts with self-care.

When self-care falls to the wayside, it can put you in a state of prolonged stress and overwhelm, which impacts every part of your life.

It can cause you to live life from a deficit — of sleep, joy, health, love.

Self-care was the purpose for my Grace & Space Circle of six women.  We just completed six wonderful months of exploring our overall well-being in a nurturing and supportive way.

We covered such powerful topics as: 

  • Shifting from DOING tasks to BEing intentional with self-care
  • Articulating our gratitude and shifting our perspectives
  • Listening to our bodies + each other
  • The challenges of self-care when “life gets in the way”
  • Soothing and compassion vs. coping and sabotage
  • How and where to add more margin

We explored over and over how self-care is not selfish, but a necessary component to living a full life.

These six women created a powerful circle that uplifted, supported and nurtured each other. It was a space to “be” without comparison or competition.

I am so grateful for this pioneer group. Even though we met virtually (yay, technology!) we created deep bonds built on honesty, integrity and compassion. 

One hour a week was all it took to be more intentional and compassionate around our own self-care.

One hour a week to create grace for more self-love and space to reflect and recharge.

Want to step up your own well-being through self-care and self-compassion? I’ll be opening a new round of my Grace & Space self-care circle in the fall. (Yay!)  Connect with me HERE to get on the “first to know” list.

And, in the meantime, how can you take just one hour a week to be more intentional about your self-care? Hit reply and let me know. I would love to hear!

With love,