Hi there!

I’ve missed writing this newsletter to you! 

A few important things have kept my heart full, my fire lit, and my days packed:

  • A full coaching practice with amazing clients who inspire me daily.
  • A wonderful family ski trip to Pagosa Springs, CO with my sister, best friend, and their families.
  • An unfortunate end to my skiing with MCL and ACL tears that resulted in ACL surgery 2 weeks ago that I am now recovering from.
  • The busy-ness of parenting 2 teens that includes soccer games, school events, and more.
  • A published chapter, “The Gift of Margin”, of a multi-author book, Point Taken, which will be available next week! 

To juggle all this, I had to let some things go and focus on my priorities. 

I know that energy in this season is precious, and I need margin to recover from my injury, do work I love, and thrive in my life. 

Even a self-care coach has to be intentional about self-care. And right now: I am giving myself margin to recover and thrive. 

In the chapter of the upcoming book, I share how my journey over the past 15 years led me to define margin differently than you might be familiar with. 

I define margin as the space between what we carry—our stress, responsibilities, and LIFE in general—and our capacity. 

Margin helps us avoid burnout, cope with stress, and ensure that we navigate our careers without losing ourselves. 

Creating margin is the path to becoming the most resilient, authentic, and healthy version of yourself.

What about YOU? What has been keeping you busy? What is lighting your fire? What are you creating margin for (or hoping to create margin for!) in your life? 

Hit reply and let me know. 



Margin is the space we build into our lives and our careers to allow our full humanity. Margin helps us to avoid burnout, cope with stress and ensure that we navigate our careers without losing ourselves. The path to becoming your most resilient, authentic, and healthy version of yourself is to create margin.

Jenny Remington, “The Gift of Margin”