One of my best friends and I have a non-traditional of gift-giving practice. We don’t buy for each other on the usual holidays, and we don’t give gifts every year on our birthdays. In fact, it might be several years in between a physical gift being exchanged. But, when we find the perfect gift that the other will love, it is given with love and without strings or expectations. When someone knows you so well then the gift transcends the moment and you feel seen, appreciated and honored — that feels amazing for the giver and the receiver.

In this final stretch of 2018, what if you were to tune into your own wants and needs and give yourself THAT gift, the way you might for a dear friend or loved one?  

In my coaching, self-care (or lack of) comes up a lot as people aim to make big changes in their lives. This is so big, in fact, that I created a whole group program around self-care called Grace & Space. (I can’t wait to tell you more about what we are exploring…stay tuned…)

The other major theme I see in my coaching is that people want to be clear on their Vision for their lives. And if you’ve been following me for a while you know how much I love to talk about Vision!

How would it feel to get clear on what you want for your life AND have a nourishing afternoon? How cool would it be to be supported and inspired through the process of creating your Vision – with other amazing women alongside you?

You can do both as you give yourself the gift of the 2019 Visioning Experience in Austin on February 1, 2 or 3.

Get all the deets and register here.

(You’re going to want to save your spot now as these workshops usually sell out and I’m only planning THREE this season.)

Forgive me if this sounds indulgent, *cough* but I want to share some feedback from the Visioning Experience that I hear again and again:

“I loved the way Jenny carefully and artfully led the group through what to think about with vision boarding.” – Heather

“I’ve done a lot of Vision Boards in my life, but I’ve always created them alone. This was such a magical experience to tune into my vision within a group and under your guidance. I LOVE it. Thank you, Jenny.” – Dianne

Pinch me, please.  I LOVE this work.

Does this sound like it’s right up your alley? It should. I created the Visioning Experience with my clients and friends in mind, and I’ve now shared it with hundreds of women.

So now I’d like to invite you to give this gift of Vision to yourself.

It is truly a gift to be able to do work you love, are passionate about, and that you know helps others. This Visioning Experience is the latest evolution of me sharing these gifts with the world. And my intention is that this process helps YOU tap into your calling in a deep, nourishing and inspired way.

I invite you to learn more and register here.

With love,

PS – if you have a friend that might love the gift of creating her vision with you, I invite you to share this….or surprise her!