I’m not one to get too excited about random “holidays” on the calendar. But when I learned that July 24 is International Self-Care Day I put it on my calendar with a BIG star to make sure I am intentional about my self-care on this particular day.

Even though I have built solid self-care practices to help me feel more centered, more joyful and more present in my life, I love the idea of being intentional about self-care with others around the globe.

I really encourage you to carve out time for yourself today (or maybe even a whole day! oh the luxury!) and do something that will feel like being cared for. 

Need inspiration? 

I’ve got you covered! 

If you need some suggestions, download my Self-Care Inspiration list with more than 100+ self-care ideas my clients have shared with me over the years. Use this list as an inspiration to find your OWN joy tomorrow (and beyond!). 

With love,


“Self love is creating space in your life to heal your body and mind.”

Yung Pueblo

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