I’m not one to get too excited about goofy holidays on the calendar. But when I learned that July 24 is International Self-Care Day I put it on my calendar with a BIG star.

Even though I have built solid self-care practices to help me feel more centered, more joyful and more present in my life, I love the idea of being intentional about self-care with others around the globe.

I really encourage you to carve out time for yourself tomorrow (or maybe even the whole day! oh the luxury!) and do something that will feel like being cared for. If you need some suggestions, download my Self-Care Inspiration list with more than 100+ self-care ideas my clients have shared with me over the years. Use this list as an inspiration to find your OWN joy tomorrow (and beyond!). 

You may want to move your body, because that would feel really good.

You may want to rest, because your heart is heavy and your body is fatigued.

You may even find something that will give you sheer pleasure, since we all may be feeling a little deprived of joy and pleasure right now.

Whatever you do, consider this an opportunity to TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF and do it! 

Be open.

So what am I doing to celebrate International Self-Care Day?

I’m going to BE.  

BE in water.

BE in the moment. 

BE with my people.  


There will definitely be coffee, my journal and sparkling water. We’ll see how my day of intentional self-care unfolds. 

How will you show yourself some love and care on this internationally recognized day for YOU to care for YOU?

With love and care,