One of my favorite hobbies is stand-up paddle boarding.

I love to be out on my board in open water, early in the morning when it is just the fishermen, my paddling friend and me. It is so peaceful, fun and something I feel really confident doing.

Some of my best reflection comes from being alone with my thoughts on the water.

One thought I keep coming back to is the lesson I learned several years before from a paddle board pro. (Yes, that’s a thing.)

At that time I was trying so hard to paddle equally on both sides of the board. I thought that’s what I was supposed to do.

My teacher challenged me to be responsive instead.

If there was a wind or strong current, I’d need to adjust in order to keep the pace and the course.

I had been so committed to the idea of balance, and so ingrained in my habits, that I hadn’t considered that another way might actually bring me more overall balance.

I let go of the elusive idea of balance — after all, I am standing on a board in the water — and I found momentum.

In the years since this lesson, it still resonates with me: pay attention to myself, respond to what is happening around me.

Of course, this lesson made me think of coaching.

My clients come to me as their coach to:

  • begin to pay attention.
  • gain guidance on what is really going on.
  • find margin and reduce their stress.
  • more fully trust their own intuition.
  • get clear on their goals and vision and make sure they have the right resources.
  • find where they have the momentum to keep them on their right path.

Do you need some help recognizing where you have momentum, how to stay balanced and to go faster toward your goals? It would be my honor to paddle alongside you.

Let’s talk.