Hello My Friend,

I wanted to check in with you today to see how you are doing during this turbulent time. 

How are you doing?  

…Maybe you’ve gone through all the jammies, sweats and leggings in your closet…. Comfort feels good right now. 

…Maybe you created a schedule for the little people in your house… Routines feel good right now.

…Maybe you binged an entire Netflix series… Disconnecting feels good right now.  

…Maybe you had to put yourself in time out to get away from your family… A little break feels so good right now. 

…Maybe you Marie Kondo’ed your kitchen… Seeking joy and order in your home feels good right now.

However you are feeling and whatever you are experiencing right now, it’s ok.   (And if you’d like to hit reply and tell me, I’d love to hear about how you are doing.)

I have had conversations with my clients about how they are doing and I can report that overall, we are an optimistic bunch AND we are feeling unsteady with this new reality.

So I wanted to give you a little love during this tender time…

Every day in my Grace & Space self-care circle I share daily “Love Notes”.  I share ideas around self-care and journal questions for them to dig into. I thought you might appreciate a little LOVE like this too!

My best advice for you might feel as simple and as obvious as “wash your hands” did a few weeks ago: self-care is a must. 

There is no one-way to do this: self-care is different for everyone and our self-care needs change throughout our lives (sometimes day-to-day!) and especially in a crisis.

“I have come to believe that caring for myself
is not self-indulgent.
Caring for myself is an act of survival.”
— Audre Lorde

So I’d love to invite you to take out some paper for just a few minutes and journal (I promise, it will help!):        – How am I feeling right now?

       – What feels unsteady in my life?  (Get specific. Take your time. Let it all go.)

       – If I look for the good in this difficult situation, I can see… 

       – How would I like to feel at the end of today? 

       – How will I take care of myself today?  

       – How can I ensure that my self-care happens?

       – What am I grateful for right now? 

And a little MORE love…

I’d love to provide a safe space of support for you to help you feel supported and gain clarity on your challenges. So I have a gift for you. 

I am opening up THREE SPOTS next week for a complimentary coaching session.  That this is not a sales call. Rather, this is a full 1-hour coaching call given with love by me. 

This coaching offered on a first-come-first-served basis and is open to EVERYONE in my world. You can reserve your spot HERE.  And if all the spots are already taken, please send me an email and I’ll put you on a waitlist. (Please book a slot only if you are confident you can make the time.) I look forward to connecting with you!

Thank you for being a part of the world, and a part of my corner of the world. I understand what a privilege it is to do work you love for people you love and I am inspired everyday by you.

With love,